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WU mobility grant (exchange semester/year)

On this website, nominated WU students will find all necessary information on how to apply for a WU mobility grant.

General information

  • The WU mobility grant represents a financial support for your stay abroad at one of our partner universities in Africa, America, Asia, Australia as well as Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and Ukraine.

  • The federal study grant ("Studienbeihilfe") and the Austrian aid for study abroad (BAS = Beihilfe für ein Auslandsstudium) as well as other grants can be obtained in addition to the WU mobility grant.

  • A maximum of one WU mobility grant can be awarded per study cycle.

  • There is no legal claim to the award of a WU mobility grant.

Prerequisites & requirements

  • For regular WU students who have been nominated for a stay at a WU partner university.

  • Active and enrolled for studies at WU (the ÖH fee must also be paid during the stay abroad).

  • Physical stay at the location of the host institution (also in case of virtual classes).

  • Stay abroad of at least three full months up to a maximum of nine months.

  • The grant is linked to academic achievement*. The minimum achievement is 15 ECTS credits, which must be recognized as curriculum-specific modules upon return to WU.
    Note: The grant may have to be paid back if the minimum achievement is not met for a stay of up to five months. For stays longer than five months, the minimum requirement is 30 ECTS credits.

  • If necessary, proof of academic achievement can also be provided in the form of a confirmation of progress. This form must be signed by your supervisor if you are writing on your Master's thesis abroad (form available on request from Martina Stalitzer).

    * The stay abroad should not lead to a loss of study time ("no loss of progress" principle). Therefore, students should complete courses to the extent of 30 ECTS credits per semester. We expect all WU outgoing students to adhere to the requirements of the partner university in terms of minimum and maximum number of courses.

Financial information

  • The WU mobility grant is a subsidy grant and budget-dependent. On the basis of your target region, you can expect a grant in the following amount:

Region/countryGrant amount/monthTravel allowance
Latin America€200€600
North America€200€400
Asia (excl. Japan)€200€600
Australia & New Zealand€200€600
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Russia and Ukraine, Great Britain*€200€300

* Starting winter semester 2023/24, funding for Great Britain is only possible through the WU mobility grant.

  • The WU mobility grant will be paid out by WU. The amount of the first grant installment corresponds to the total amount of the awarded grant minus €200.

  • The second grant installment (€ 200) will be paid after your return if all documents have been submitted in due time.

Information regarding the federal study grant (Studienbeihilfe)

Before your exchange

Before your exchange

During your stay abroad

During your stay abroad

Confirmation of Stay (Aufenthaltsbestätigung)

After your exchange

After your exchange

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