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Prof. Ewald Nowotny Mobility Grants

The Prof. Ewald Nowotny Mobility Grants are aimed at students taking part in international scientific events in order to further their academic skills and gain experience in the scientific community. Funding is available, for instance, for presenting research projects or theses/dissertations at international academic conferences, or for attending moot courts or case competitions.

Event requirements

In order to be eligible, students have to actively participate (lecture, discussion, presentation, etc.) at an international academic event or conference. This includes the following:

  • International scientific conferences

  • Symposia

  • Conventions

  • Moot courts

  • International case competitions

  • International short programs

The student’s contribution and/or the event must fit into one of the following topic areas in order to be eligible for funding:

  • All areas of economics (esp. macroeconomics)

  • The regulatory framework of Austrian and European political economies (business law)

  • Finance and finance management

  • Financial markets and financial stability

  • Issues of economic growth, competitiveness, price stability, monetary politics, currency, and monetary transactions

  • Financial education and business education

  • Socioeconomics

  • Scientific communication (focus: business and economics)

  • The European Economic Area

  • Equal opportunities and diversity

  • Statistics (focus: business and finance)

Please note: The extent of active participation depends on academic progress; i.e. PhD students are expected to participate to a larger extent than bachelor’s students.

Formal prerequisites at the time of application

  • Admission to a WU bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD program

  • Adherence to the minimum program duration plus two tolerance semesters

  • Confirmation by the event organizers of the acceptance of your contribution/invitation to the event/confirmation of participation for moot courts or case competitions

  • When presenting a scientific paper (bachelor’s or master’s thesis, dissertation): Confirmation of supervision by the respective supervisor
    [Template confirmation]

Available funding

The following costs can be refunded:

  • Travel costs between Vienna and the event location (second-class rail travel, economy class air travel)

  • Participation fees: Fees for participation in the event incl. additional costs

  • Accommodation costs: max. 150 euro per night, incl. all taxes, expenses, and fees

  • Mobility at the event location: Day tickets for local public transport for the duration of the stay

Up to 2500 euro can be refunded, but only a maximum of 80% of all costs.

Double funding is not permitted.

Application documents

The following application documents must be submitted using the online application form:

  • Letter of motivation

  • Short CV + list of publications (if applicable)

  • Information about the event

  • Information about the student’s contribution (if applicable: confirmation of event organizers)

  • List of costs incl. receipts (if applicable)
    [Example cost breakdown]

  • Enrollment information sheet

  • WU transcript

  • Confirmation of supervision by the respective supervisor when presenting a scientific paper (bachelor’s or master’s thesis, dissertation)
    [Template confirmation]

  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor or from a PhD-level or habilitated member of the faculty for bachelor’s students

  • Information about possible additional financial sources

  • Confirmation of receipt of any other grants (if applicable)

Application form

Data protection

Personal data is collected and processed when applying for Prof. Ewald Nowotny Mobility Grants. Information on data protection can be found in the application form (see above) and in this PDF document.

Application deadlines

The following application periods and deadlines apply:

Deadlines for studentsNotice of acceptance/rejection by
June 16 to October 15

For events on or after January 15 in the following year
Early January
October 16 to December 15

For events on or after March 15 in the following year
Early March
December 16 to March 15

For events on or after June 15
Early June
March 16 to June 15

For events on or after September 15
Early September


The selection committee consists of the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, the Vice-Rector for Financial Affairs, and the Dean of International Affairs. The following criteria are relevant for selection:

  • Quality of the application

  • Quality/potential for innovation of the student’s planned project/contribution

  • The expected positive effect of the student’s future research activities

  • The expected positive effect on the student’s academic performance

In the case of applications of equal quality, the applicants’ scientific activities, academic performance, and financial need will be taken into account.

Post-event formalities

Within two weeks after the event, the following documents must be submitted to the International Office:

  • Receipts/invoices for the costs listed in the application (Download example)
    Please note: If the amount originally transferred to the student, exceeds 80% of the actual expenses, the difference will be reclaimed!

  • 1-2 page report (Download template) on the results and the student’s experiences during the stay (event recap, usefulness for student’s future academic career, etc.)