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Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility offers a small number of substantial mobility grants for designated partner universities on both bachelor’s and master’s levels.


If you apply for a semester abroad and you are one of the best ranked students in the application process, you will receive an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility grant (depending on availability). Below you can see for which exchange places such a scholarship is available.

Prior to the exchange semester, students are invited to a mandatory grant and credit transfer session. You will receive all necessary information and documents there.

Dates and Deadlines

Please note that you can only receive financial aid for a physical stay in the country of your host institution. You may switch from on-site to virtual exchange as long as you are still physically present in the host country.

Financial information

The WU is responsible for the payment of the mobility grants. 80% of the entire mobility grant is paid out in the beginning of the stay abroad. The remaining 20% are paid out after completion of the stay abroad if the required documentation is submitted in time. The payment is only made to the student’s own bank account.

Available exchange places

The availability of exchange places and grants can vary each semester. For the summer semester 2023 (application in summer semester 2022), grants are available for the following partner universities:


CountryUniversityAvailable scholarshipsGrant amount per student
MalaysiaUniversity of Malaya1€4300

Academic achievement

Proof of minimum academic achievement is required for students who receive an Erasmus+ grant. The stay abroad should not hinder the student’s academic progress (“no loss of progress” principle). According to this principle, students should complete courses worth 30 ECTS credits in each semester spent abroad.

As proof of academic achievement, students are required to have credits earned abroad transferred to their WU program.

Apart from these regulations, there is also a minimum requirement students must meet to keep their mobility grant. Students must earn at least 3 ECTS credits per month or complete substantial work on a bachelor or master thesis, which has to be confirmed by their thesis supervisor.

Federal scholarships

Students who receive a federal scholarship (Studienbeihilfe) can continue to collect this financial aid during their Erasmus+ exchange stay abroad if they have full admission to courses and exams in Austria. These students have to apply for additional federal financial aid for a stay abroad (Beihilfe für ein Auslandsstudium, BAS) with the appropriate financial aid office (Austrian Study Grant Authority). Federal financial aid for a stay abroad (BAS) is paid out in addition to the federal scholarship. It is possible to receive BAS, a federal scholarship, and the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility grant.

Students with special needs

To ensure that all students can take full advantage of European mobility programs, the Erasmus+ program provides an inclusion support for students with disabilities/chronic illnesses

Ask the Erasmus+ coordinator at the International Office (Catalina Ana Moragues Costa) to provide you with further information and help you with the Erasmus+ inclusion support application form.

Data protection: Pursuant to Austrian law, personal data is kept confidential and will be used only as needed to process your application and for your participation in the Erasmus+ program.

Steps after the mandatory Grant & Recognition Session

Before your exchange

During your stay

After your return

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