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IBW International Experience in the curriculum BaWiSo 2012

As part of the International Business Administration major, an international experience of at least 24 ECTS credits is mandatory. This international experience must be acquired during the bachelor's program and will be confirmed on the transcript. Please note the relevant minimum requirements:

  • The international experience must be completed outside of Austria and outside of the student's respective home country (citizenship).

  • Only business-related courses can be used for the IBW international experience. These are:

    • Courses which - regardless of whether credits can be transferred at WU - have an majority of business content and are identifiable as business courses according to their title.

      Please note: This does not include: Skills seminars (presentation techniques, negotiation techniques, etc.), general sociology or political science courses, and language courses.

    • Courses recognized as mandatory curriculum-specific modules (not free electives) at WU.

      Please note: Courses recognized as free electives can only be considered for the international experience if they have predominantly business-related content.

For more details on minimum credits, prerequisites, and criteria so that your international experience can be confirmed for your studies, please see the following links.

1. IBW – Exchange Semester
2. IBW – International Short Program (ISP)
3. IBW – Internship abroad

Usually, the international experience can be completed in the following ways:

Option 1Option 2Option 3
Exchange Semester3x International Short Program2x International Short Program
  Internship abroad

Regarding options 2 and 3 (International Short Program or the internship abroad), 8 ECTS credits can be gained by successfully completing the entire Central Europe Connect track of the SBWL International Business.

Please note: In the curriculum BaWiSo 2012, the IBW international experience is NOT entered automatically. You apply for confirmation of IBW international experience at the same time as you apply for credit transfer via e-mail to Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (course.abroad@wu.ac.at). Without the confirmed international experience, it is not possible to apply for your graduation documents. You will also receive a confirmation of IBW interntional experience with the official credit transfer notification.

There is a distinction between credit transfer and the confirmation of the international experience in the International Business Administration major:

Credit transferConfirmation of the IBW international experience
An examination at the partner university replaces an examination at WU in case of equivalence. In this case, only as many ECTS credits as the requested examination at WU can be recognized.It is not a credit transfer, but a requirement for graduation from the International Business Administration major in the Bachelor of Business, Economics and Social Sciences program. Confirmation of the IBW international experience is also possible without transferring the credits to the WU degree program.

Contact for questions regarding credit transfer and confirmation of the IBW international experience: Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (course.abroad@wu.ac.at).