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IBW International Experience

As part of the major in International Business Administration, an experience abroad is required. This experience abroad must be completed during the bachelor's degree program and will be confirmed on the transcript.

Please note: With the winter semester 2021/22, a change in the curriculum for the Bachelor's program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences (BaWiSo 2019) will come into effect. The amended curriculum will apply from 01.October 2021 for all students enrolled in BaWiso 19 and will bring changes to the IBW international experience.

The curriculum change gives IBW students more opportunities to internationalize their studies. In the amended curriculum, only one mobility is required to fulfill the IBW international experience (the different options are listed below). This mobility must take place outside of Austria and outside of the student's respective home country (citizenship). Details on minimum requirements, prerequisites and criteria can be found under the following links:

There are no changes for students enrolled in the curriculum BaWiso 2012. Details can be found here. Information on changing from the curriculum BaWiSo 2012 to BaWiSo 2019 can be found here.

Contact and FAQs

  • All students who have completed a semester abroad up to and including the summer semester 2021 should contact Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (course.abroad@wu.ac.at) for confirmation of the IBW international experience.

  • For students in the curriculum BaWiSo 2019 who complete a mobility from the winter semester 2021/22 onwards, the entry of the successfully completed international experience will be made by the International Office. In the pre-recognition before the semester abroad, you no longer have to enter the IBW international experience and have it confirmed in advance.

  • Study Regulations & Credit Transfer is still responsible for the credit transfer of courses completed abroad.

FAQs for students enrolled in BaWiSo 19 (valid from October 1, 2021)

FAQs for students enrolled in BaWiSo 12