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IBW International Experience

As part of the International Business Administration major, an experience abroad is mandatory. This experience abroad must be acquired during the bachelor's degree. In the study plan BaWiSo 2019 the experience abroad is called "IBW international experience", in the study plan BaWiSo 2023 the module "International Experience" must be completed. More details are available in the FAQ section as well as on the linked websites.

Below you will find suitable exchange programs:

Contact and FAQs

  • Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (course.abroad@wu.ac.at) is responsible for credit transfer of courses and achievements completed abroad.

  • Study plan BaWiSo 2019: The confirmation of the IBW international experience is carried out automatically by the International Office (wuio@wu.ac.at), provided that the experience abroad was completed after the summer semester 2021.

  • Study plan BaWiSo 2023: Registration does not need to be requested. The module "International Experience" is considered completed as soon as 20 ECTS credits have been recognized. These can be accumulated through the exchange programs mentioned above.

  • Further details can be found in the FAQs and on our IBW websites on exchange semester, International Short Programs (ISPs), and internship abroad.

FAQs for students enrolled in BaWiSo 2019 (valid from October 1, 2021)

FAQs for students enrolled in BaWiSo 2023