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Bachelor double degree program (BBE)

The double degree program is an exclusive academic program offered in cooperation with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia for students enrolled in the Business and Economics bachelor’s program.

Key Facts

  • 8 semesters, 2 degrees
    After successfully completing the program, you will receive a bachelor’s degree from WU (BSc (WU)) and a bachelor’s degree from QUT (B.Bus (major)). The program will extend the duration of your studies by two semesters.

  • International study program
    As a participant of this double degree program, you will spend two semesters abroad. Typical credit transfer formalities that are related to a regular semester abroad do not apply. The double degree agreement ensures the equivalency of the courses taken abroad.

  • 6 different majors at the partner university
    You have a choice of six majors at QUT: Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Economics.

  • Tuition fee waiver
    You are not subject to tuition fees at WU or at QUT for the duration of your studies abroad. However, you do have to pay the Students’ Union dues.

  • Networking and personal development
    As double degree students, you will be part of academic life at QUT. This means more networking opportunities and more possibilities to develop personal skills such as independence and self-reliance.

Curricula, structure, prerequisites

Participating in the program will extend the total duration of your studies from six to eight semesters, two of which you will spend at the partner university. After your successful application for the double degree program in your third semester, you will spend your fourth and fifth semester at WU, your sixth and seventh semesters at QUT, and the eighth and final semester back at WU. For more information, please read the curriculum.

Proof of language proficiency
As BBE students, you do not need to present proof of your English skills. Studying in an English-taught program is sufficient.

Majors at QUT
At QUT, you are required to choose one of six majors: Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management, and Marketing. Be aware of any prerequisites or restrictions these majors entail:

  • You have to decide on a major before the application process and explicitly communicate your choice in your motivational letter.

  • Each major has specific prerequisites you have to fulfill before you begin your studies at QUT. These prerequisites can be found in the course structure document below.

  • In order to apply for an Economics Major at QUT within the double degree program, WU students must be admitted to the „Specialization: Economics Core“.

  • The majors Finance, International Business, and Economics have additional restrictions. If you choose one of these majors during your application for the double degree program, you are not allowed to apply for the corresponding WU specializations at any point in your studies. If you have already been admitted to one of these WU specialization you cannot apply for that corresponding major at QUT. The reason for this is overlapping course content.

    Queensland University of Technology MajorSpecialization at Vienna University of Economics and Business which you are not allowed to take
    EconomicsEconomics Fields
    FinanceFinance: Markets, Institutions, and Instruments
    International BusinessInternational Business
    MarketingInternational Marketing Management
    Marketing and Consumer Research

Please note: If your chosen major has specific prerequisites, please make sure to choose the respective course(s) from WU's course offer on your own and in due time. After you have been nominated for the double degree program, send your chosen courses to bbe@wu.ac.at by January 30! This is the only way to make sure you get a spot in these classes. It is your own responsibility to fulfill the requirements for your double degree major before going abroad. If you do not successfully complete the prerequisites, your nomination may become invalid.

Course structure for Double Degree students going to QUT
Course structure for Double Degree students going to QUT

Cross Cultural Communication course
In the semester before an exchange stay abroad, you are required to take the course Cross Cultural Communication (3 ECTS credits). For students in the Business and Economics program, successfully completing this course reduces the total number of credits required for free electives by 3 ECTS credits. Please note that you must take this class in English! If there is no CCC class available for Australia, you must choose a CCC class that has no region specific focus.


Within the official application period, you can apply online via this link.

Information on the application procedure, partner universities, and general information on exchange stays can be found on the exchange semester bachelor page. In general, most of the information provided there also applies to double degree students. For additional information specifically for double degree students, see the information below. Be sure to read both pages carefully before submitting your application.

Applications are accepted each winter semester during the double degree application period. Please note that you need to apply three semesters (one and a half years) before you plan to go abroad. We expect to offer 5 double degree spots each academic year.

Your application must include the following:

  • Letter of motivation: Explain why you would like to participate in the double degree program, and why you think you should be awarded a place (in English, max. 3200 characters incl. spaces). You MUST also include your choice of major, otherwise your application will not be considered.

  • CV (should contain the following information: education, work experience/internships, experience abroad, language skills and other skills/abilities, photo is optional).

  • WU bachelor’s transcript (will be generated automatically).

The academic advisor Dr. Tobias Polzer will automatically receive all the application documents when the application period has expired and will select the most suitable applicants. Interviews may also be conducted.

Two weeks later, you will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection from the International Office by email. If you are not chosen for the program, you may still apply for a regular exchange semester during the regular application periods.

Note: You cannot participate in a double degree program and apply for an additional exchange semester during your bachelor’s program.

Confirmation of foreign academic achievement

After successfully completing your courses abroad during the sixth and seventh semester of your studies (see curriculum), please make sure that your transcript from the partner university is sent to your regional coordinator at the International Office. You will receive a final grade based on your grade average (weighted according to the ECTS credits earned), which will be included on your WU transcript under the subject “Double Degree Studies”. You do not have to apply for credit transfer in the Study Service Center, as the International Office will arrange for your grade to be entered into the system.


If you have any open questions, please contact Ms. Christiane Dietrich (christiane.dietrich@wu.ac.at , +43-1-31336-4315).