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Update! April 2020


Topics: Semester re-registration / New options for self-service credit transfer online / ZBP Career Center walk-in online / WU's Master's Day on April 15, 2020 goes online / Library services / Information for students on coronavirus / Tips for university life during corona

Semester Re-Registration

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Please remember to re-register every semester so that you will remain enrolled as a student. To re-register, all you need to do is pay your tuition fees/ÖH dues in time.

The re-registration period for the summer semester ends on February 5 (general admission and re-registration period) and April 30 (extended period), respectively.

All WU buildings are currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. This means that you cannot pay your fees at the self-service terminals outside the Study Service Center. Please pay them by online bank transfer. Thank you.

If you do not re-register by the deadline, you will be un-enrolled and not be able to take any exams.

Semester Re-Registration

Tuition Fees / ÖH Dues

Self-Service Credit Transfer Services Expanded

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We have taken advantage of the current restrictions caused by the closure of the Study Service Center to considerably expand the self-service credit transfer services for students in the Business, Economics and Social Sciences and Business Law bachelor’s programs.

In addition to the previously available functions, students can now transfer credit for electives and free electives in self-service. The tool can now also be used to transfer credit for courses from WU’s portfolio of additional enrichment courses.

For more detailed information, please see the credit transfer page on our website.

Walk-In: Online Edition

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You’re staying at home, we’re staying at home – but we’re still answering any questions you may have on how to apply for a job – no matter how big or small. Easily and conveniently by phone.

Do you want input on how to draft your CV? How to best prepare for your career? Or do you have questions about doing an online job interview? Call us at +43660 7692042 between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon. If we don’t pick up right away, we will call you back.

WU Master´s Day on April 15, 2020 Goes Online

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WU’s seven German-taught and eight English-taught master’s programs will be going online to introduce themselves at the virtual Master’s Day: Faculty members will be holding 20-minute open digital lectures with informative insights into WU’s master’s programs and will also be available to answer all your questions. An interactive exchange with representatives of the programs and the admissions team is also part of the deal.
Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 9:30am to 4:30pm, online at
WU Master's Day

Library Services: Advice and Information During Distance-Learning Period

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Virtual library information:

Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, and from 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm.
General troubleshooting and questions regarding our resources. LINK to our online chat via Adobe Connect

Research consultation:

Please make an appointment:
Individual support for more advanced literature searches

Our library workshops online:

Topics and dates:

Updates for Students on Coronavirus

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Here you will find regularly updated and expanded information and links about coronavirus.

Updates on Coronavirus

Tips for Everyday University Life in Times of Corona

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If we all work together, no one needs to be alone. The Student Counselling (STC) team is available online to provide you with additional information and simple suggestions for mastering everyday life under these new and challenging circumstances.

Student Counselling

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