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Graduation Ceremony

WU offers regularly scheduled graduation ceremonies to help you celebrate the completion of your master’s degree. Participation is voluntary.

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All graduation ceremonies for master’s students are held twice a year in Ceremonial Hall 1 in the LC building (Library & Learning Center). Each individual program has a ceremony for its own graduates, to help keep the proceedings personal and intimate. You are very welcome to bring your friends, family, and guests to the ceremony.

Music is provided by the WU Choir or the WU String Quartet.

After the ceremony, you can treat yourself and your guests to a buffet. You can choose from a selection of food and drinks before the event. Your individual choice of food and drinks will be ready on a pre-reserved cocktail table at the end of the ceremony. For more information on catering your event, click here.

Click here to view and order photos of the event as keepsakes.

Registration for Master’s graduation ceremonies

Registrations for graduation ceremonies are binding and only possible in the course of or after picking up your graduation documents in the Study Service Center. A fee of €80 applies if you wish to participate in the academic ceremony. You’ll have to pay the fee by ATM card when you sign up for the ceremony.

Have you already picked up your graduation documents and would like to register for a graduation ceremony?

Please note!

Registrations for graduation ceremonies are subject to availability and can only be made for the next scheduled ceremony. Unfortunately, we cannot accept advance registrations.


Please find the next scheduled date for your program’s graduation ceremony here.

Graduating in Absentia

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