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PhD International Business Taxation 2011

The degree program structure of the PhD program in International Business Taxation Business Administration of 2011 is to be discontinued, which means that admission to the program is no longer possible.

If you enrolled in the program before the new degree program structure came into effect, you can remain in the old degree program until the end of the winter semester 2018/19. If you discontinue your studies for one or more semesters, you can only continue them according to the new PhD program structure of 2015.

More detailled information about the PhD program in International Business Taxation is available on the homepage of the program.

courses/examinations ECTS
In Theories and Methods (8 ECTS) a minimum of 2 of the following courses:
Legal Philosophy and Taxation4
Legal Methods in Tax Law and International Public Law4
Organizational Behaviour and Decision Making 4
In Academic Writing (1 ECTS):
Academic Writing 1
In International Business Taxation (6 ECTS):
International Business Taxation 6
In Economic Psychology (6 ECTS):
Economic Psychology 6
In Ethics and Taxation (6 ECTS):
Ethics and Taxation 6
In Tax History (6 ECTS):
Tax History 6
In Political Science and Taxation (6 ECTS):
Political Science and Taxation 6
In International Tax Policy (6 ECTS):
International Tax Policy 6
In Research Seminars (36 ECTS):
Research Seminare I - VI6 each
Additional Courses in: Tax Treaty Law, Comparative and European Tax Law, Tax Systems around the World, International Tax Planning, International Economics and Public Economics 2 each
After the dissertation has been graded: Defensio Dissertationis 4

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