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Short descriptionIn professionally moderated online group sessions, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other students. Whenever needed, our counsellors are on hand to contribute their specific expertise on how to deal with the challenges of student life. 
Together, you will highlight relevant experiences and define lessons learned, so that you’ll be able to take away valuable insights for your next activities. 
The group sessions are held online on Microsoft TEAMS. Click the links for more information on the software and on how to register
ContentsEach of the group sessions that are currently planned focuses on a specific motto. For details, please see the list of the dates below.
This event is intended for students …
  • Who are interested in a moderated and constructive exchange of ideas and experiences with other students
  • Who would like to discuss current topics and challenges
  • Who are looking for specific input and experiences 
Dates in English
  • You missed the scheduled appointments!
    More dates will follow, please contact us by mail!
The duration of the Round Table session depends on the number of participating students, ranging from approx. 1 to 1.5 hours. 
Signing upTo sign up, please click on the date you’re interested in the list above; you’ll then receive an invitation to the Round Table session. 

STC for you

The Student Counselling team is available to assist you with any topics you may be struggling with and to help you find solutions or simply listen to what’s worrying you. Currently, we can answer your questions by phone or on MS Teams. Please email us your cell phone number or your MS Teams contact information and we’ll be in touch. 

In addition, we’ve also put together a helpful knowledge base and practical exercises for you on our new Counselling@home web page, to help you help yourself.

Our workshop program is currently available in German only. For further information on our workshops, please switch to the German version of the page.

Due to the stay-at-home order (ordinance based on the Austrian COVID-19 Act) and the corresponding decision of the WU Rector’s Council not to hold any classes on Campus WU until the end of June 2020, we are unable to hold any of our workshops in the 2020 summer semester

We kindly ask non-German-speaking students to contact the Student Counselling Team by email to make appointments for individual consultation sessions. You can find our contact details below.

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