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Choosing your specialization(s) (SBWL) is an important decision you’ll have to make during your bachelor’s program. The specializations you choose can put you on track for a specific master’s program later.

WU offers its bachelor’s students a very broad range of specializations that is continuously being expanded.

Admission to specializations

To be admitted to a specialization, you first have to complete an admission procedure. The admission procedures may vary from specialization to specialization.

Here you can download the admission procedure schedule for the SS 2019 summer semester.

For more information on the type of admission procedure you’ll have to complete, please see the web pages of the respective specializations.

Please note

To sign up for the admission procedure, you have to participate in the workshop-type (AG) admission course entitled “Einstieg in die SBWL”. You have to sign up for this course to participate in the admission procedure. You can sign up via LPIS by entering the course number.

Students of the Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences can sign up for “Einstieg in die SBWL” courses up to four times.

Students of the Bachelor’s Program in Business Law can sign up for two admission procedures simultaneously.

Please note that once you have started or completed one specialization, you’ll only be able to sign up for three (one) further admission procedure(s). This regulation also includes the specializations Cross Functional Management and Business Mathematics.

Students who pass the admission procedure – i.e. students who complete the required AG course with a grade of “successfully completed” – can go on to register for the specialization courses of their choice via the LPIS system. The drop-down menu in LPIS will show you only the specializations for which you have successfully completed the required admission procedures.

Please note that if you are on the waiting list you have not officially registered yet! If you don't register for course 1 during the announced registration period you will lose the right to and give up your SBWL-seat!

Please note that the successful completion of the admission procedure is only valid for one semester. This means that you’ll have to complete the admission procedure and at least one specialization course* in the same semester.

* Please note the specific regulations that apply for each individual specialization.

If you’ve successfully completed the admission procedure but change your mind or are unable to take up your place in the respective specialization, please contact the corresponding institute immediately so that the place can be awarded to another student.

No ECTS credits are awarded for the AG courses required for admission to specializations, and these AG courses will not appear on your transcript either.

Admission quota for advanced students

In the 2016/17 winter semester, WU introduced the specialization admission quota for advanced students. This admission quota is provided for students in advanced stages of their bachelor’s program who still need to do one or more specializations to complete their studies.

How are the places awarded?

Places are awarded only to students who have signed up to the respective “Einstieg in die SBWL” course and have shown active participation in the admission procedure (e.g. a score of at least 30% in the entrance test and/or timely submission of all the required application documents) but have nevertheless not been admitted to the specialization. Places from the admission quota for advanced students are awarded based on urgency and the amount of academic progress the candidates have achieved so far in their bachelor’s program.

No special sign-up is required for you to be considered for places from the admission quota for advanced students. All you have to do is follow the regular sign-up process for the respective admission procedure (AG-type course “Einstieg in die SBWL”) on LPIS and show active participation in the admission process for the specialization of your choice.

Eligibility for the admission quota for advanced students is assessed on the basis of your academic progress, so please make sure that you have completed all credit transfer proceedings and that all your credits are correctly assigned to your degree program (e.g. courses completed abroad or free electives). The assessment will be based on all ECTS credits registered in the system for the degree program in which you’ve signed up for the “Einstieg in die SBWL” course.

If you’re a student of an individual bachelor’s program, please note that any credits earned at the University of Vienna have to be submitted to the Examinations Office if they are to be considered in the assessment of your academic progress. Please make sure that you submit the required documents (transcript [Erfolgsnachweis] and enrollment information sheet [Studienblatt]) in due time, either in person at the Examinations Office desk in the Study Service Center or by email to

Please note that if you are selected, you will only be assigned a place for one specialization per semester from the admission quota for advanced students. .

After the end of the sign-up period for the admission procedures for specializations (in the 2019 summer semester, February 13, 2019), you’ll be notified by email if you’ve been selected to receive a place in the specialization of your choice from the admission quota for advanced students. Please be sure to check your WU email inbox regularly.

Please note that notifications will only be sent to students selected to receive a place from the admission quota. We will post an update here on this page once the allocation process is completed. 


February 13, 2019; 10.00 pm

The allocation of places from the admission quota for advanced students is now complete. All students who have been awarded a place have been notified by email.

Please note

If you have been awarded a place from the admission quota but do not take it up, you will not be considered for any further admission quota places in future semesters.

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