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Leave of Absence

Dead­line for Ap­plic­a­tions

The ap­plic­a­tion and ap­proval pro­cess must be com­pleted by the be­gin of the semester of the first semester of leave(cal­en­dar).

Ad­miss­ible Grounds for a Leave of Ab­sence

Pur­su­ant to § 29 of the WU By-Laws, stu­dents may ap­ply for a leave of ab­sence (ap­plic­a­tion form) un­der the fol­low­ing con­di­tions:

  1. Com­puls­ory mil­it­ary Ser­vice (in­clud­ing trainee/Aus­b­ildungs­di­enst) or com­munity ser­vice in Aus­tria (please present con­scrip­tion no­ti­fic­a­tion)

  2. Preg­nancy (please present your Mut­ter­-­Kind-­Pass, the book­let provided to all preg­nant wo­men in Aus­tria doc­u­ment­ing the re­quired med­ical checkups)

  3. Child care com­mit­ment for your own chil­dren (please present the child's/chil­dren's birth cer­ti­fic­ate and re­gis­tra­tion con­firm­a­tion [Meldez­ettel] for you and the child/chil­dren)

  4. Semester abroad as a free mover (please present con­firm­a­tion from the for­eign uni­versity)

  5. Ex­ten­ded ill­ness (Med­ical con­firm­a­tion form)

  6. Care of re­l­at­ives (Proof of re­la­tion­ship and med­ical con­firm­a­tion form)

  7. Vol­un­tary so­cial year (Con­firm­a­tion of sup­port­ive or­gan­isa­tion)


Please sub­mit the ap­plic­a­tion to the Ad­mis­sions of­fice in the Study Ser­vice Center. You can also send the com­pleted and signed form to­gether with the re­quired proof  and a copy of your ID card from your WU-­mail ad­dress (hmat­rikel­ - for example to stud­i­en­zu­las­sun­

En­roll­ment Status Dur­ing a Leave of Ab­sence

Dur­ing a leave of ab­sence, you re­main en­rolled and your en­roll­ment status is set to "leave of ab­sence". You re­main sub­ject to the same cur­riculum. You may not par­ti­cip­ate in courses, take exams, sub­mit aca­demic theses, or re­ceive evalu­ations of aca­demic theses dur­ing a leave of ab­sence (§ 67 (2) Uni­versit­ies Act 2002 [Uni­versitäts­ge­setz]).

Tu­ition Fees Dur­ing a Leave of Ab­sence

You still need to pay your Stu­dent's Union (ÖH) dues, be­cause ÖH mem­ber­ship is com­puls­ory even for stu­dents on a leave of ab­sence. Your tu­ition fees are waived dur­ing your leave, however.