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WU Check-In for course instructors

What is WU Check-In?

WU Check-In ( is a web application that allows all WU faculty, staff, and students to document their attendance as well as their exact seat during courses and exams at the WU campus.

What is the purpose of WU Check-In?
  • Attendance and, in case of on-campus attendance, seat numbers are documented via WU Check-In to ensure rapid contact tracing in the event of an infection of a student or teacher with COVID-19.

  • Therefore, you no longer need to document the seats yourself and will only be contacted in the event of further questions.

  • For courses with compulsory attendance (PI, VUE, MPV, FS, AG), you, as the course instructor, will receive the attendance lists 15 minutes after the end of the course unit by email as an Excel file. Please explicitly inform your students that you record their attendance using this tool.

Please note: For courses that take place off-campus, you, as the course instructor, are still personally responsible for documenting attendance and seating. You can use the application to record attendance, but the seat documentation must be done manually. Please provide us with this information upon request in case contact tracing measures become necessary.

How does WU Check-In work?
[Translate to English:] Check-in Startseite Lehrende

After you have logged in to WU Check-In with your WU account login data, you will see the start page:

  • An overview of all courses/exams of the current day for which you are registered as the instructor

  • In the check-in column, a  check-in button, which is active starting 30 minutes before the start of the course/examination

  • A search field for courses for which you are not registered as an instructor

[Translate to English:] Check-in Varianten

30 minutes before the start of a course/exam, the check-in for students and teachers starts. For on-campus units, the seat number must be entered at the same time.

Depending on the course/exam format, the following check-in options are offered on the start page:

  • On campus: On campus

  • Online: Online

  • Hybrid: On campus & online

[Translate to English:] Präsenz-Check-in Lehrende
On-campus check-in

Please click on the appropriate button on the start page and enter “teaching / lecturing”, "LL" or a similar description if you are teaching your lecture exclusively from the teacher’s desk.
If you change your location several times (e.g. as an exam proctor), please enter “proctor”or similar. We will then contact you regarding the evaluation for contact tracing.

Check-in as a tutor, exam proctor, etc.

If you are not registered as an instructor,

  • Please use the search field on the start page

  • Choose the course/exam you are attending in the form of an on-campus unit

  • Check in and fill in your seat number (if you are moving around the room as an exam proctor, please enter “proctor”)

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Correcting entries

Changes of the seat number or changes of on-campus/online check-in status are only possible within 5 minutes after check-in. The buttons for making corrections are displayed on the start page after check-in.

  • Change seat => allows you to enter a different seat number or selection of the common room (if, for example, the wrong one was selected in the case of breakout bookings)

  • Cancel check-in => allows you to switch between on-campus/online check-in status or to cancel the check-in altogether (wrong course/exam)

Contact tracing measures will be carried out on the basis of this data in the event that a positive case is reported.


You are automatically checked out at the end of the course unit/exam.

[Translate to English:] Dashboard Übersicht
Dashboard – overview

You …

  • Can see all courses for the current date. Use the calendar function to select a different date.

  • Can see how many students have already checked in.

  • Can access the detailed view of a course/exam via “Show attendance list".

[Translate to English:] Dashboard LV-Einheit hybrid
Dashboard – details

You …

  • Will see all students who are signed up for the course or exam, including their check-in status (checked in on campus or online, not checked in). Please remind your students to check in based on this information.

  • Will also see students who are not signed up if they have checked in.

  • Can check in individual students on campus if necessary.

Especially for large-scale courses, it is recommended to check the actual attendance randomly or based on the dashboard (e.g. number of students in the auditorium versus number of students on the dashboard).

[Translate to English:] Manueller Check-in für Studentin
Dashboard – substitute check-in on behalf of a student

If a student is unable to check him/herself in to a unit of your course/exam, you can check that person in yourself.

This is only possible under the following conditions:

  • The student is signed up for the course/exam

  • The student attends the unit on campus

On the dashboard, click on “On campus” in the detailed view for the  student in question, enter the seat number that the student provides to you, and confirm the check-in.

[Translate to English:] Download Anwesenheitsliste
Download: attendance list

For courses with compulsory attendance, the course instructors will automatically receive the attendance list 15 minutes after the end of the unit by email as an Excel file.

You can also download the lists earlier from Dashboard => Detail view of the course/exam. Please note that the data will be stored only for 28 days.

[Translate to English:] Anwesenheitsliste
Attendance list

Sample attendance list with all available status information data, comparable to the detail view in the dashboard.

Click here for more details

Special case: exams
  • If you ask students to change seats during exams (to fill the room, establish proper seating arrangements, or to prevent cheating), please document this manually. In these cases, entering changes into WU Check-In is probably no longer possible due to the time limit. Please submit the manual documentation upon request in case contact tracing measures become necessary.

  • For exams held during the main exam weeks, the tutors will take care of this.

[Translate to English:] Präsenz-Check-in mehrere Räume
Special case: multiple rooms

If you have booked multiple rooms in parallel for your course/exam (this does not apply to the main exam week):

  • Students select the room in which they are participating in the course/exam during the on-campus check-in (drop-down list).

  • Students enter their seat number as usual.

Staff members who are allocated to only one of the rooms, for example as examination proctors, should also check in to that room.

Breakout bookings are also shown in this way. However, if you use the breakout bookings only for group sessions, all students should always check in to the common auditorium; you have to document the group sessions manually anyway.

[Translate to English:] Room not verified
Special case: No room specified

If no specific room has been entered in BACH for your course/exam but only placeholders or general information like tba, tbc, according to email, Audimax & TC.0.04, there are the following possibilities:

  • Option 1: You can change this information once in WU Check-In (in the dashboard – detailed view), provided that the room assignment is valid for all students signed up for this course/exam. Any check-ins that have already been made will automatically be transferred to the specified room.

  • Option 2: If the room assignment does not apply to the entire group, please keep your manual room assignment documentation and submit it to us upon request in the event that contact tracing measures become necessary. Students have the option to enter their attendance status and seat numbers even if they are not assigned to a specific room.


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