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Campus Life

There is much more to study­ing at WU than just class­work and study­ing. As a stu­dent, you spend a sub­stan­tial part of your time on cam­pus, both in­side and out­side the classroom. Thanks to its in­nov­at­ive ar­chi­tec­ture and its loca­tion next to Prater Park, Cam­pus WU com­bines both nature and urban flair, provid­ing an at­tract­ive space for both your aca­demic work and leis­ure. All work and no play? Not on Cam­pus WU.

Cam­pus Grounds

If you take a stroll across cam­pus, you’ll im­me­di­ately notice that the well­being of stu­dents and em­ploy­ees is an im­port­ant pri­or­ity on Cam­pus WU. The open spaces between the vari­ous build­ings cre­ate a park-­like en­vir­on­ment with path­ways and squares, lawns, re­flect­ing pools, and nu­mer­ous places to sit down and re­lax. If you en­ter Cam­pus WU from the west, right op­pos­ite the Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy build­ing you’ll be greeted by a wavy land­scape with soft, green floor­ing, ideal for sit­ting or ly­ing down.

  • WU Re­lax­a­tion Zone: An el­ev­ated plat­form over­look­ing a large re­flect­ing pool, equipped with unique con­crete fur­niture mak­ing this a great place to sit down, take a break, and un­wind. The open spaces on the wheel­chair-ac­cess­ible plat­form are ideal for en­joy­ing the sun.

  • WU Stage: The cent­ral square where all paths across Cam­pus WU in­ter­sect is known as the WU Stage. You can sit down on the stairs and the grand­stand and en­joy a great view of the busy to-and-­fro on cam­pus.

The area right in front of the Teach­ing Center is char­ac­ter­ized by the stairs and plat­forms on mul­tiple levels, of­fer­ing plenty of at­tract­ive spots where you can en­joy a break. A broad stair­way leads up to the roof of the Mensa cafet­eria with a pleas­ant out­door area for inde­pend­ent study, where you can en­er­gize your gray cells with some fresh air.

The large square at the eastern end of Cam­pus WU is flanked by wavy wooden struc­tures in­ten­ded to en­cour­age stu­dents to sit down and chat be­fore and after their courses. Lawns and flower beds provide at­tract­ive color ac­cents and con­trib­ute to the wel­com­ing at­mo­sphere on Cam­pus WU. A green belt of gingko trees marks the peri­meter of the cam­pus and the nu­mer­ous ad­di­tional trees scattered over the cam­pus grounds provide shade and sig­nal the passing of the seasons.

Din­ing on Cam­pus

You can’t study on an empty stom­ach. There are plenty of places on Cam­pus WU where you can grab a bite be­fore, after, or between courses: From the Mensa cafet­eria to small cafés, there’s something for every­one. There are also many at­tract­ive out­side din­ing areas where you can en­joy your meal out in the open air in the sum­mer.

: The Com­ida y Luz res­taur­ant on level six of the WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy build­ing of­fers not only out­stand­ing food but also spec­tac­u­lar views of Vi­enna.

For more in­form­a­tion on din­ing op­tions on Cam­pus WU, please see:­pus/in­fra­struc­ture/ca­ter­ing

Room for Events

Cam­pus WU is also in­ten­ded as a space for so­cial, cul­tural, and polit­ical life. WU hosts many spe­cial events, talks, and panel dis­cus­sions. With the Open Minds and Wirtschaft Wis­senschaft Un­plugged ser­ies of panel dis­cus­sions, for in­stance, WU aims to of­fer the in­ter­ested pub­lic in­sights into cur­rent eco­nomic, polit­ical, and so­cial devel­op­ments.

Cam­pus WU is a pop­ular venue for many small and large-s­cale con­fer­ences and events that bring to­gether renowned in­ter­na­tional ex­perts from the fields of busi­ness and eco­nom­ics. Our cam­pus of­fers a range of at­tract­ive rooms for such events:


Ce­re­mo­nial Hall 1
Ce­re­mo­nial Hall 2
Club lounge
Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy Foyer
Con­fer­ence rooms

Lib­rary & Learn­ing Center
Lib­rary & Learn­ing Center
Lib­rary & Learn­ing Center
Lib­rary & Learn­ing Center
Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy
Teach­ing Center
Teach­ing Center

seats 400
seats 200
seats 60
seats 550
seats 100
seats 20–80
seats 650
seats 60–180

Ath­letic Fa­cil­it­ies

The nearby Prater Park of­fers plenty of op­por­tun­it­ies for all kinds of ath­letic activ­it­ies, but there is also a sports center located dir­ectly on Cam­pus WU, run by the Uni­versity Sports In­sti­tute (USI), con­sist­ing of the fol­low­ing fa­cil­it­ies:

  • Gym for in­door sports

  • Fit­ness room

  • Aer­obics room

The courses offered by the USI range from A for aer­obics to Z for Zumba. For more in­form­a­tion please see

In ad­di­tion, there is also an out­door bas­ket­ball court between the WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy build­ing and the D4 build­ing and several table ten­nis tables be­hind the D3 build­ing.


The KIWI kinder­garten on Cam­pus WU is open to WU stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staff. The kinder­garten is located in a quiet part of the cam­pus, on the ground floor of the D2 build­ing, with views of the Prater Park, the Trab­ren­n­bahn racetrack, and the busy cam­pus grounds.

Park­ing Gar­age

Long-term park­ing passes for us­ing WU’s un­der­ground park­ing gar­age are avail­able for € 80/month. The avail­able park­ing spaces are assigned on a first-­come, first-served basis. If you are in­ter­ested in ob­tain­ing a long-term park­ing pass, please send an email to gar­age-cam­