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SBWL Rechnungslegung & Steuerlehre

Bachelor Theses

Business and Economics: Financial Reporting & Analysis

Within the new bachelor's program business and economics (BBE) the Tax Management Group oversees the course Financial Reporting & Analysis. It provides first-year students with basic skills in reporting and analysis of financial statements. Starting 2020, a new specialization Tax Accounting will be offered to students of BBE.

Specialization: Tax Accounting

What are the main topics of the specialization?

The specialization “Tax Accounting” covers the main features of corporate income tax systems as well as basic issues of international tax strategy. This includes the determination of taxable income, tax optimal decision-making concerning corporate investment and finance, differences in the taxation depending on the legal form, and the accounting for corporate income taxes in financial reports.

Which interest, strengths and capabilities should applicants of the specialization have?

The specialization is very well suited for students who have a strong interest in economic effects of taxation. Students should therefore have an interest in numbers, in legal texts, and in the interpretation of either. It is the combination of both, the understanding of economic and business dependencies and interactions as well as working with a binding legal framework that shapes and sometimes distorts economic decisions, which forms the core of our specialization.

Which career prospects do graduates of the specialization have?

With the skill-set and knowledge obtained while completing the specialization, our graduates have various career options:

  • Tax Consultancy

  • Tax Managers in corporations, private and public institutions

  • Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance, Federal Court of Audit

  • International Institutions (OECD, EU, etc)


These career options usually provide the graduates with very interesting and challenging but also very satisfying tasks in an ever-changing economic and legal environment. Life-long learning, flexibility but also high job security will form the bases for successful careers our graduates.