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Completed Bachelor Theses

Name of Stu­dent
Topic of the bach­elor thesis
Mat­thias MITTLOil, what else? Der Ein­fluss des Ölpre­ises auf die Ak­tien­kurse von Auto­mobil­h­er­stellern (2017)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Chris­toph NEUBAUER Ölkrisen, 9/11, Weltwirtschaft­skrise - Sollte man in einer kris­en­geprägten Welt in die großen Flug­zeugh­er­steller in­vestieren? (2017)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Peter ZA­DEYAN Funk­tioniert Währungs­ma­nip­u­la­tion? - Eine Ana­lyse zur Wirkung des Dol­larkur­ses auf den Außen­han­del zwis­chen Öster­reich und den USA (2017)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Han­nes BACHModel se­lec­tion for ARCH, GARCH and T-G­ARCH volat­il­ity mod­els for the cur­rency pairs ja­panes yen/ Brit­ish pound (JPY/ GBP) and Aus­tralian dol­lar/ Brit­ish Pound (AUD/ GBP) (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Math­ias BRUN­NERThe the­or­et­ical con­struc­tion and prac­tical use of the Global VAR Tool­box 1.1 with an ap­plic­a­tion to a dy­namic ana­lysis (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Silke DOP­PLERRe­gres­sion Ana­lysis with ARCH and GARCH er­rors as an in­stru­ment for in­fla­tion mod­el­ing (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Ju­lia HÖDLMod­el­ling of Count data with the Pois­son and the neagt­ive bi­no­mial dis­tri­bu­tion - Pat­ents in the phar­ma­ceut­ical in­dustry (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Fe­lix LÖDLAna­lysis of the in­flu­ence of lagged em­ploy­ment status on cur­rent em­ploy­ment status with dy­namic pan­els us­ing fixed ef­fects and Arel­lano Bond es­tim­at­ors (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Bog­dan MI­HAJLOVICIs the Gib­son Para­dox ex­clus­ively re­lated to a Gold stand­ard Based Economy and if so why? An Ana­lysis of US data from 1945-2012 (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Mi­chaela NEUG­SCHWANDTNERIs the gender wage gap fi­nally clos­ing? An in­vest­ig­a­tion for Aus­tria us­ing pro­jec­tion tools from Time ser­ies Ana­lysis (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
David RASICMod­el­ing ex­change rate volat­il­ity of European cur­ren­cies dur­ing the fin­an­cial crisis (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Dominik TRUZLAIn­stru­mental vari­ables es­tim­a­tion with weak in­stru­ments - An ap­plic­a­tion to in­vest­ig­at­ing the in­flu­ence of fam­ily size on health out­comes (2013)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Sandra MAN­ZINGEREcono­met­ric Es­tim­a­tion of the Ex­ten­ded Philips Curve - Test­ing the As­sump­tion of Het­ero­s­ce­dastic Er­rors (2012)Prof. Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnat­ter
Panna FONYO Op­ti­mier­ung von Arbeits­abläufen und deren Min­i­mier­ung an verzöger­ten Prozesss­ch­rit­ten (2017)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Lea Maria MEYEREr­folgs­faktoren heraus­ra­gender Mathem­atiker­innen seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg (2017)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Al­ex­an­der Franz PASLERPar­rondo´s Para­dox (2017)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Maja BRATOVICMat­rizen­mul­ti­p­lika­tion - Die sch­laue Art es zu machen (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Kon­stantin DAM­NJAN­OVICMin­i­mier­ung der An­zahl von Tardy Jobs auf Single Ma­chines (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Friedrich DECKERDas Par­rondo Para­doxon und wie es zur Ent­stehung von Ko­op­er­a­tionen beitra­gen kann (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Max­imilian Günther EHR­GOTTDas Königs­ber­ger Brück­en­prob­lem (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Andreas HIRZMin­im­iz­ing the num­ber of late jobs (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Di­m­itar HRISTOVEm­mon´s The­or­ems (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Daniela JUREN­KOVAEx­er­cise Num­ber One - Par­ti­tions of In­tegers (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Nina KOHL­MAYERThe Basic Single Pro­cessor Model in Schedul­ing (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Chris­toph PE­LIKANDas 1-Maschinen Reihen­fol­gep­rob­lem und seine An­wendun­gen (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Sandra SING­HOFERAn­wendung von Kettenbrüchen auf Kal­ender­systeme und Musik (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Manuel VITEKPar­rondo´s Para­doxon - das per­petuum mobile der Spieler (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Nena VUKOVAp­plic­a­tion of Con­tin­ued Frac­tions on Cal­en­dars and Tem­pera­ment of Musical In­stru­ments (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Lorenz WAG­NERSchedul­ing par­al­leler Maschinen - Ap­prox­im­a­tionen (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Yi WANGBi­no­mialkoef­f­iz­ien­ten (2016)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Ebru ATAMat­rix Chain Mul­ti­plic­a­tion Based on Dy­namic Pro­gram­ming (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Chris­topher HOFERDer ein­fache eindi­men­sionale Ran­dom­walk und seine Ei­genschaften (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Mi­chael ISIMABen­ford´s LAw - The­ory and Prac­tice (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Florian Al­ex­an­der KELL­NERThe His­tory of Log­ar­ithm (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Monika MACHNOCon­tin­ued Frac­tions: On the mod­ern Cal­en­dar (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Anthony Victor MO­LINAThe Ve­hicle Rout­ing Prob­lem at So­cial Su­per­mar­kets (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Niels MÜLLERRuns in Ran­dom Sequences (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Mi­chaela PECHThe Seven Bridges of Königs­berg (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Patrick ROCK­ENSCHAUBRuns in Ran­dom Sequences (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Stefan SCHUHIn­tens­ive Care Units - Util­iz­a­tion And Re­jec­tion Rates (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Sandra SING­HOFERCon­tin­ued Frac­tions: On Cal­en­dars and Music (2015)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Dominic CER­VICEKThe Im­ple­ment­a­tion of Ben­ford´s Law on the an­nual fin­an­cial state­ments of Hypo Alpe Ad­ria (2014)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Lukas FIL­IP­PIN­ETTIFlow Shops with No-Wait and Block­ing (2014) Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Chris­topher HOFERDas Spiegel­ung­s­prin­zip für ein­fache Ran­dom Walks (2014)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Sandro HÖLLPer­muta­tion Flow-Shop Heur­ist­ics in R-­Pro­gram­ming (2014)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Phil­ipp LASKEPar­rondo´s Para­dox - The Gam­bler´s Per­petuum Mobile (2014) Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Max­imilian Wolfgang MAURERFlow-Shops with no-wait­ing and no-b­lock­ing restric­tion (2014) Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Lu­cia REMIASOVASix De­grees of Sep­ar­a­tion (2014)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Stephan FRANKSolu­tion of Schedul­ing Prob­lems, 2 Pro­cessor Mod­els as Examples (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Armin HOTThe lin­ear assign­ment prob­lem and its ap­plic­a­tions (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Bogom­ila HRISTOVASequen­cing in Flow Shops and the Trav­el­ling Sales­man Prob­lem (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Maria JAK­LOVSKAFa­cil­ity loca­tion (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Galya Krasimirova PAN­OVAPsy­cho­logy of Queueing (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Hans PERAUERHamilton Cycles in Net­works (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Victoria SCHADLongest paths in graphs - Ap­plic­a­tions in Schedul­ing (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Phil­ipp STEEGThe 1-di­men­sional Cut­ting Stock­-­Prob­lem (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Elsid XHELILIIn­teger Pro­grams for 1-Ma­chine Schedul­ing Prob­lems (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Miny­ing XIAOBen­ford´s Law and its possible ap­plic­a­tions (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Xiao Jing ZHAOThe Chinese Post­man Prob­lem (2013)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Milan GO­BELJICThe Fluc­tu­ations of a Sim­ple Ran­dom Walk (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Mi­chael HE­ISSIn­tro­duc­tion to sta­tion­ary M/M/C - Mod­els (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Joanna Marta KREIER­-STEP­IENWahlres­ultate nach Maß: Ma­nip­u­la­tion als polit­ischer Kun­st­griff. Eine Un­ter­suchung tech­nis­cher Ele­mente von Wahlsystemen in Hin­blick auf ihre polit­ischen Auswirkun­gen (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Mar­cin Piotr LA­P­IN­SKISolv­ing an un­dir­ec­ted weighted Chinese post­man prob­lem in order to cre­ate a Eu­lerian cir­cuit (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Vladi­mir RANKOVICSequen­cing and Schedul­ing - Single Ma­chine Schedul­ing (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Car­ina RE­I­SINGERThe steady state be­ha­vi­our of birth-death pro­cesses and its ap­plic­a­tions (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Gernot Robert RES­CHENAUERTo pool or not to pool - A sim­ple meas­ure to in­crease the ef­fi­ciency of mul­ti-server sys­tems (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Daniel WAR­MUTHThe Single-­Me­dian Prob­lem in Net­works (2012)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Max­imilian FAT­TINGERThe Pol­laczek-Kh­intchine For­mula: Ef­fects of Ser­vice­time Vari­ance on Typ­ical Per­form­ance Meas­ures (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
An­gelika Maria GÖTZThe Small World Phenomenon - dif­fer­ent Mod­els of Net­works, their field of ap­plic­a­tion and a spe­cial part of at­ten­tion to the evalu­ation of the World Wide Web (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Jakob INFÜHRCol­or­ing of Graphs and its Ap­plic­a­tions (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Daniel KUCKUCKThe Sim­ple Ran­dom Walk (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Mi­chael NESTERRev­enue Man­age­ment am Beis­piel von Air­lines (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Kirstin REIMERThe Shortest Path Prob­lem in net­works (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Lukas SAMStat­istische Meth­oden der Markt­forschung mit einem Fokus auf nicht­para­met­rische Ver­fahren (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Lukas SOM­MERBirth-Death pro­cesses and their ap­plic­a­tions (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Oana Madal­ina TURDEANOp­timal Or­gan­iz­a­tion of Emer­gency De­part­ments (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Qian Qian YANGThe Ve­hicle Rout­ing Prob­lem (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Nicole WOLFSolv­ing some dis­patch­ing prob­lems us­ing the sav­ings al­gorithm (2011)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Car­ina STA­GELPool­ing of Queues (2010)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Mi­chaela Friederike FRITZENCom­bin­at­or­ial op­tim­iz­a­tion of the flight plan­ning of pas­sen­ger air traf­fic in regard of the un­ca­pa­cit­ated Single Al­loc­a­tion p-Hub Me­dian Prob­lem (2009)Prof. Wal­ter Böhm
Hazar GÜNENCap­ital As­set Pri­cing Model (2015)Dr. Ev­elina Er­lacher
Patrick PICHLEREl­liptic Curve Cryp­to­graphy (2014)Dr. Ev­elina Er­lacher
Tho­mas STAGLThe Bi­no­mial Op­tion Pri­cing Model (2014)Dr. Ev­elina Er­lacher
Mi­gena KALEJMathem­at­ical Found­a­tions of se­lec­ted Pub­lic Key Cryptosys­tems (2013)Dr. Ev­elina Er­lacher
Akos TÖRÖKThe Bi­no­mial As­set Pri­cing Model with Fuzzy Para­met­ers (2013)Dr. Ev­elina Er­lacher
Daniel SCHÄFFERMax­imum possible di­ver­si­fic­a­tion ef­fects in de­termin­ing the Solvevncy Cap­ital Re­quire­ment of an in­sur­ance com­pany un­der Solvency II (2012)Dr. Ev­elina Er­lacher
Mi­chael KAINZEx­plor­at­ive Daten­ana­lyse von Europäis­chen Sov­er­eign Credit Spreads vor und nach der Fin­an­zkrise (2016)Prof. Rüdi­ger Frey
Ngoc Linh LE THIBe­w­er­tung von Op­tionen mit­tels Mon­te-­Car­lo-Sim­u­la­tion im BS-­Mod­ell (2015)Prof. Rüdi­ger Frey
Dominik HOFF­MANNWhy is there a lack of in­terest in science among Aus­trian ´s youth? An ana­lysis of the res­ults of the Euroba­ro­meter 55.2 with the Rasch Model (2012)Prof. Re­in­hold Hatzinger/ Mag. Kath­rin Gruber
Anna Maria HOLZINGERThe Per­cep­tion of Risk of In­vest­ment Products regard­ing Cus­tomers and Ex­perts (2012)Prof. Re­in­hold Hatzinger/ Mag. Kath­rin Gruber
Lu­cia MISKERIKOVAWhat do we know about the European Par­lia­ment (2012)Prof. Re­in­hold Hatzinger/
Mag. Marco Maier
Peter STI­MAKOVITSTrust in Me­dia (2012)Prof. Re­in­hold Hatzinger/ Mag. Kath­rin Gruber
Djordje DAVIDOVICCon­fid­ence in Me­dia (2011)Prof. Re­in­hold Hatzinger/
Mag. Marco Maier
Werner IN­NER­HOFERIn­terest in Science (2011)Prof. Re­in­hold Hatzinger/
Mag. Marco Maier
Birgit WIE­SINGERWhat do cit­izens know about the European Par­lia­ment (2011)Prof. Re­in­hold Hatzinger/
Mag. Marco Maier
Robert BURZ­LERMod­el­ing money de­mand and es­tim­ates of the wel­fare costs od in­fla­tion for the United States (2017)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Max­imilian BRÖNI­M­ANNEin Ver­gleich der Amt­speri­oden amerik­an­is­cher Präsid­en­ten an Hand makroöko­nomis­cher Indikatoren (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Philip FEGGDer Zusam­men­hang zwis­chen Met­eor­itengröße und Auftrittshäufigkeit (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Lukas GÖSSINGERRo­bus­theit von Vek­t­orautore­gress­iven Mod­el­len in der Asi­en­krise 1997/1998 (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Max KUH­WEIDEÖlpreis und US-­Dol­larkurs - eine Granger­-Kaus­alitätsan­a­lyse (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Fatemi Hos­sein MOUSAVIÖko­nomis­che Faktoren zur Wasser­preis­b­ildung in Öster­reich (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Martin RE­INTHALERDer Zusam­men­hang zwis­chen Volat­ilität und Rendite im DJIA für die Peri­ode 1920-2016 (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Al­ex­an­der SCHÖRGZusam­men­hang zwis­chen den Preisen von börsen­ge­han­del­tem Dies­el­trieb­stoff und Abgabepreis an öster­reichis­chen Tank­stel­len. Eine ver­gleichende Studie un­ter Ein­bez­iehung aller öster­reichis­chen Bundesländer (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Dawid STEPAN­OVICDer Zusam­men­hang zwis­chen Nacht­lichte­mis­sionen und Brut­toin­land­sprodukt. Eine Pan­eld­aten­ana­lyse mit Macht­licht­satel­litenauf­nah­men im Zeitraum zwis­chen 1992 und 2012 (2016)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Larissa DJORD­JEVICIn­fla­tion and growth in Latin Amer­ica 1980-2010 (2015)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Mario GARTLERBacktest­ing of Mas­teika´s and Rutkauska´s short term trend strategy on the FOREX spot­mar­ket (2015)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Zeyu LINon­lin­ear­it­ies between in­fla­tion and eco­nomic growth. A study for the OECD coun­tries (2015)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Andreas WIE­DESCHITZPub­lic debt and eco­nomic growth (2015)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Danila KO­POSOVA per­form­ance of the trad­ing strategy based on re­turn­s-­volat­il­ity re­la­tion (2014) Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Siu Fung LILi­quid­ity and firm in­vest­ment (2014)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Sara LACK­OVICThe ana­lysis of risk in­dic­at­ors of the European Cent­ral Bank for cap­ital mar­ket sta­bil­ity (2014)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Manuel MARSCHALLPrice­bubbles in the Swiss Real Estate Mar­ket (2014)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Mirza NOVALICThe ef­fects of FDI on Growth, In­fla­tion and Wages in the CEE coun­tries in the period 2001-2012 (2014)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Al­ex­an­dra Elena VERZEAAn ana­lysis of the risk in­dic­at­ors of the European Cent­ral Bank (2014)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Mi­chaela FAT­TINGERThe his­tor­ical re­la­tion­ship between risk and re­turn of the stock in­dex Nikkei 225 - with fo­cus on the eco­nomic crisis dur­ing the nineties (2013)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Mi­chael JEREMIASCan Bag­ging Im­prove Fore­cast­ing? (2013)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Ka­ter­ina KAMAN­OVAA study on gov­ern­ment debt, in­terest rates and eco­nomic growth: the example of Ire­land, Ja­pan and Spain (2013)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Jörg Bernhard MARINKOUnit Labor Cost as an in­dic­ator of com­pet­itve­ness of Ger­many in the Euro area (2013)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Ivaylo NALETOVThe link between the oil price and the US dol­lar ex­change rate in­dex, a granger caus­al­ity ana­lysis based on monthly, quarterly and semi-an­nual data (2013)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Chris­toph BOD­NERIn­vest­ig­at­ing the re­la­tion­ship between In­ter­na­tional Food Prices and Civil (2012)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Math­ias DORNEREs­tim­a­tion of a Money De­mand Func­tion for Aus­tralia (2012)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Bri­gitte HOCH­MUTHThe Ja­pan­ese Money De­mand Func­tion. An em­pir­ical ap­proach (2012)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Phil­ipp LENT­NERMoney, credit and ex­change rates: UK and Sweden (2012)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Rene MAIEREqui­lib­rium on the US hous­ing mar­ket - an ex­ten­ded user cost ap­proach (2012)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Lukas Dominik RIP­PITSCHEm­pir­ical In­vest­ig­a­tion of the Long Term Coin­teg­ra­tion Re­la­tion­ship of the CHF/EUR Ex­change Rate and the EUR­I­BOR/ LIBOR In­terest Dif­fer­en­tial (2012)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Tho­mas Otto ZÖRNERVolat­il­ity Mod­els of Ag­ri­cul­tural Prices: the Case of Thai Rice (2012)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Mo­stafa AL­IZ­A­DEH KHIRIQuant­it­at­ive fore­cast­ing of S&P 500 (2011)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Bernhard KAS­BER­GERWel­fare and In­fla­tion - es­tim­ates of the Swiss Money De­mand and the In­duced Wel­fare Costs of In­fla­tion (2011)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Ivor KRAMERKurse er­tragsstarker Ak­tien zwis­chen Di­videndenankündi­gung und Auszahlung. Eine Überprüfung der Present Value Hy­po­these (2011)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Gernot RÖTZERThe wel­fare ef­fect of in­fla­tion in South Korea (2011)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Dra­gos-Silvian STRATEANUVolat­il­ity Trad­ing. An Em­pir­ical Ap­proach to a Trad­ing Rule (2011)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Ovidiu Tu­dor TISLEREvalu­at­ing a money de­mand func­tion for Canada (2011)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Ben­jamin WALL­NERThe re­la­tion between Risk and Re­turn on the basis of the stock in­dices NIKKEI 225 and Hang Seng (2013)Prof. Mi­chael Hauser
Afrim BALLABANIEine em­pir­ische Un­ter­suchung von Ak­tien-Trad­ing­strategien un­ter Ver­wendung tech­nis­cher Indikatoren (2017)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Mat­thias HAUSER Ein Ver­gleich von Ma­chine Learn­ing Tech­niken bei der Vorhersage der täglichen Ak­tien­preis Be­we­gun­gen der Ak­tien des DAX (2017)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Chris­topher LEBISCH Stat­istische und ökono­met­rische Un­ter­suchung von Ter­ror­an­schlägen und deren Ein­fluss auf Ak­tien­kurse der europäis­chen Rüstungsin­dus­trie (2017)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Laszlo MAR­TONTech­nis­che und fun­da­mentale Ak­tien­ana­lyse (2017)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Marco PRE­ISS Op­ti­mier­ung von ex­tremen Kreditrisiken in Emer­ging Mar­ket Bond Port­fo­lios in wirtschaft­lichen Krisen (2017)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Jef­frey Vin­cent RAMIREZDie his­tor­ische Entwicklung von Binären Op­tionen und ihre Be­w­er­tungs­meth­oden (2017)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
David Nikolas WILKEDas Spiel mit dem Zu­fall: Eine em­pir­ische Un­ter­suchung der Fa­vor­iten­rolle im Ver­lauf der Zeit an­hand von fixen Wettquoten auf dem Fußball­wettmarkt (2017)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Yasen Geor­giev BAKARDZHIEVOn the de­pend­ence between the stock prices of al­tern­at­ive en­ergy com­pan­ies and the crude oil prices (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Al­ex­an­der FAZEKASDie Berech­ti­gung von Kom­plexität bei tech­nis­chen Han­delsstrategien (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Florian GLIN­SNEREinflüsse von lokalen Wet­ter­kap­ri­olen auf glob­ale Rohstoff­pre­ise (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Ju­lian HIEBLINGERPrin­zipien der Coun­ter­party Risk Quan­ti­fiz­ier­ung für OTC De­riv­ate - Meth­od­o­lo­gie und prakt­ische Her­ange­hens­weisen (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Hen­rik MADERPort­fo­lio­op­ti­mier­ungsstrategien für den amerik­an­is­chen Pharmaziemarkt (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Stefan PRAND­NERPer­form­ancean­a­lyse eines quant­it­at­iven Wettmod­ells zum E-S­port Spiel League of Le­gends (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Peter Carl SCHMIDMit wel­chem Zeitreihen­mod­ell lassen sich tägliche Kred­itkartenumsätze im Rah­men einer Li­quiditäts­planung am be­sten vorhersagen? (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Sa­har SHIR­ANIDen Markt sch­la­gen: Er­stel­lung eines op­ti­malen Port­fo­lios in Deutsch­land (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Oliver Mi­chael SOBEAl­gorithmisches Trad­ing im De­vis­en­markt - Ein auto­mat­is­iertes Han­delssys­tem basi­er­end auf tech­nis­chen Indikatoren (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Raphael WID­HALMDer Ein­fluss von Bo­nuszahlun­gen auf zeit­genöss­is­che Kun­stauk­tionen in Lon­don (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Phil­ipp SUPPDie Per­form­ance von 130/30 Op­ti­mier­ungsstrategien gemessen am S&P 100 In­dex im Zeitraum vom 1. Januar 2011 bis 31. Dezem­ber 2015 (2016)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Karl ASCHINGERThe ef­fects of sport­ive and eco­nomic events on the share prices of lis­ted foot­ball as­so­ci­ations in the range of quant­it­at­ive fin­ance (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Fa­bian ENNSERSeasonal pat­terns on the stock mar­ket (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Alex GROSS­MANNValue and Mo­mentum in Equit­ies (2015)PD DR. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Tho­mas HAINDLUs­ing gen­etic al­gorithms to op­tim­ize an in­dex track­ing port­fo­lio (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Lukas HAND­LERUs­ing Markow­itz Op­tim­iz­a­tion for Track­ing Large Stock In­dices (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Paul HÜBNERTrack­ing Er­ror Op­tim­iz­a­tion with Sampling Us­ing the Example of the Ger­man DAX (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Sal­man HUS­SAINCri­teria for de­termin­ing the ef­fi­ciency of a tech­nical trad­ing strategy us­ing the example of the ORB strategy (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Se­bastian KEILMarkow­itz Port­fo­lio Op­tim­iz­a­tion with Com­mod­it­ies (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Mor­itz KHAYLLLong-term rev­enue by high di­vidends? A com­par­ison between US di­vidend stocks and 10 year US gov­ern­ment bonds on example of the S&P 500 Di­vidend Ar­is­to­crats and the S&P High Yield Di­vidend Ar­is­to­crats (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Se­bastian SCHMIDAl­tern­at­ive in­vest­ment strategies dur­ing a low in­terest policy (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Wolfgang SCHUBERTStock price be­ha­vi­our around the ex-­di­vidend-day - evid­ence for the Aus­trian cap­ital mar­ket (2015)PD DR. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Martin STEUREROp­tion pri­cing with GARCH mod­els (2015)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Lilia Valentinova FILIOVACrude oil price volat­il­ity and its causes: A study on factors re­spons­ible for WTI price changes in the period between Q1 2013 and Q2 2014 (2014)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Patrick GREENFore­cast­ing Stock Prices based on se­lect­ive Time Ser­ies Rep­lic­a­tion (2014)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Kevin KURTQuant­it­at­ive Port­fo­lio Design based on Pri­cing Er­rors (2014)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Ti­mon MELINGOShare Re­pur­chases versus Di­vidend Pay­ments - Quant­it­at­ive Ana­lysis of Cor­por­ate Pay­out Policies (2014)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Phil­ipp STREHWITZERCon­struc­tion of op­timal 130/30 over­lay port­fo­lios based on the S&P 500 (2014)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Monika VOLMERProfit max­im­iz­a­tion ow­ing to for­eign ex­change rate ar­bit­rage. The­or­et­ic­ally described by Markow­itz´Port­fo­lio Se­lec­tion com­pared with Ar­bit­rage pri­cing the­ory (2014)PD Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Birgit POM­PERAn op­timal com­mod­ity-­port­fo­lio with the fo­cus on fu­tures- and ET­F-cer­ti­fic­ates (2013)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Florian RICHTEROp­tim­iz­a­tion The­ory and Quant­it­at­ive Port­fo­lio Design (2013)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Erich SCHIND­LERAn Ana­lysis of the Brent-WTI Spread 2010-2013 (2013)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Rus­mir CEHOPen­sion-­Fun­d-­Port­fo­lio Op­tim­iz­a­tion (2012)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Georg GRIMMQuant­it­at­ive Risk Man­age­ment - Me­ta­heur­ist­ics for Op­tim­iz­a­tion of an In­dex-Track­ing-­Port­fo­lios - NAS­DAQ (2012)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Ger­ald KROT­TEN­DORFEREs­tim­a­tion of fu­ture stock re­turns us­ing a VAR-­Model (2012)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Bernhard POL­LAKOp­timal Con­struc­tion of Fund of Hedge Fund Port­fo­lios Us­ing Cluster Ana­lysis (2012)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Bernhard SKRITEKEvolu­tion­ary Heur­ist­ics for Solv­ing Mul­ti-Period Op­tim­iz­a­tion Prob­lems (2012)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Philip WEITZQuant­it­at­ive Riskman­age­ment - Port­fo­lio-­Op­tim­iz­a­tion of Stra­tegic As­set Al­loc­a­tions (SAA) (2012)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Fengchuan FANChange in risk­struc­ture of cred­it-s­preads 2006-2010 (2011)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Manuel GUT­JAHRSo­cial net­work ana­lysis on the Face­book plat­form (2011)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter/ Mag. Chris­toph Wald­hauser
Max­imilian HUBERA par­al­lel evolu­tion­ary port­fo­lio op­tim­izer for long/short port­fo­lios (2011)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Dustin URBANSKYCon­struc­tion of Trad­ing Strategies for For­eign Ex­change Mar­kets by Means of Me­ta­heur­ist­ics (2011)Dr. Ron­ald Ho­chreiter
Daniel KAISERDeep learn­ing fun­da­mentaler Markt­be­w­er­tun­gen (2017)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Nat­alija KOSTICBuild­ing an op­tim­ized MSCI Sector Port­fo­lio us­ing a Factor Model (2016)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Andreas TOM­ICICHDie Kor­rel­a­tion zwis­chen der US-Staats­ver­schul­dung und dem Gold­preis in USD seit dem Schließen des Gold­fen­sters im Jahr 1971 (2016)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Petar DILEVSKIEco­nomic risk and losses on a Basel II re­tail set­ting (2014)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Kon­rad PI­ASECKIDie Nachb­ildung des CFNAI In­dex der FED of Ch­icago für Europa (2014)Prof. Kurt Hornik/ Dr. Paul Hof­marcher
Han­nah Larissa SCHWAR­ZINGERThe Fun­da­mental Prob­lem of NP-­Com­plete­ness The­ory SAT (2014)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Hans Georg JAK­LITSCHWhat firms tell us - The in­form­a­tional value of SEC-­fil­ings (2013)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Sor­ina Andreea SANDUKey In­vestor In­form­a­tion in the European Union (2013)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Ferdin­and WEN­Z­LEREx­plor­ing Wiki­pe­dia´s Fin­ance cat­egory (2013)Prof. Kurt Hornik
Ju­lian BAUEROver­rounds and Sports­bet­ting - Us­ing the Example of the Eng­lish Foot­ball-­League (2012)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Mag. Stefan Theussl
Chris­toph GAU­MANNMÜLLERPolit­ical Cyn­ism (2012)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Mag. Marco Maier
Chris­topher HOMMPolit­ical Cyn­ism (2012)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Mag. Marco Maier
Xuan ZHANGTrust in Me­dia (2012)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Mag. Marco Maier
Irak­lis Georg KOR­DO­MATISSen­ti­ment ana­lysis on the basis of quarterly and an­nu­ally re­ports of lis­ted US banks with the TM pack­age in R (2011)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Dr. Paul Hof­marcher
Martin OS­RAELBen­fords Law in the Fin­an­cial World (2011)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Dr. Paul Hof­marcher
David AIGNERSen­ti­ment Ana­lysis of An­nual Re­ports S&P 500 lis­ted Com­pan­ies (2010)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Mag. Stefan Theussl
Bar­bara BÄRNTHALERGreece and the Euro crisis (2010)Prof. Kurt Hornik/
Dr. Paul Hof­marcher
To­bias GAH­LEIT­NER Ökono­met­rische Ana­lyse der UEFA EURO 2016 in Frankreich (2017)Dr. Gregor Kast­ner
Jo­han­nes HÖRLPre­dict­ive Ana­lysis of ARCH and GARCH Mod­els in Fin­an­cial Time Ser­ies (2017)Dr. Gregor Kast­ner
Phil­ipp GNANCom­par­ing the Re­l­at­ive Fore­cast­ing Ab­il­ity of GARCH, SV and Im­plied Volat­il­ity for the S&P500 (2016)Dr. Gregor Kast­ner
Niko HAUZEN­BER­GERHo­mo­ske­das­tizität, GARCH und Stochastic Volat­il­ity - eine Ge­genüber­stel­lung bei der Mod­el­lier­ung von volk­swirtschaft­lichen Zeitreihen (2016)Dr. Gregor Kast­ner
Chris­tian URLPre­dic­tion mod­els for (real­ized) volat­il­it­ies of com­mod­ity prices us­ing high fre­quency fin­an­cial data (2016)Dr. Gregor Kast­ner
Friederike VO­GLERPull-­Faktoren für syr­ische Flücht­linge in die EU im Jahr 2015 (2016)Dr. Gregor Kast­ner
Yujie RAOTime-ser­ies Ana­lysis us­ing AR­IMA and GARCH mod­els (2014)Prof. Jo­han­nes Le­dol­ter
De­borah Tabitha ZI­M­MER­MANNThe Value of Six Sigma, Design of Ex­per­i­ments and Stat­ist­ical Pro­cess Con­trol for Mon­it­or­ing the Out­come of Med­ical Pro­ced­ures and Im­prov­ing Health­care Qual­ity (2014) Prof. Jo­han­nes Le­dol­ter
Florian PAUERDe­tect­ing So­cial Circles in Ego Net­works Us­ing Their Spec­tral Prop­er­ties (2015)Prof. Josef Ley­dold
Yongjie LINIn­comes in the mi­crosim­u­la­tion: Avail­able data and legal frame­work in Aus­tria (2011)Dr. Patrick Mair
Paul PICHLERMotive the­or­ies in sports bet­ting (2011)Dr. Patrick Mair
Aziz SHARIFState-Of-The-Art Click­stream Ana­lysis in R (2010)Dr. Patrick Mair
At­tila BERKYStat­istik in MMA - Eine Ana­lyse von his­tor­ischen UFC Kämp­fen (2017)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Senad GRUHONJICSozi­alarbeit im Flücht­lings­bereich (2017)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Daniel NEUWIRTHStat­istiken im Amer­ican Foot­ball (2017)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Bendikt SCHUBERTStat­istische Ana­lyse der öster­reichis­chen Fußball Bundes­liga Saison 2015/16 (2017)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Marco GEI­GERStat­istische Ana­lyse der Fußball-Euro­pameister­schaft Welt­meister­schaft (2016)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Kat­rin KATZERDie Rechtss­prechung­s­praxis des Ver­wal­tungs­gericht­shofes in Abgabensachen (2016)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Patrick MAKOCKIThe in­dic­at­ors of suc­cess in the Eng­lish Premier League and their de­pend­ence on mar­ket value (2015)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Bartlo­m­iej OL­CZAKAna­lysis of so­cial me­dia users in terms of their activ­ity on the basis of cluster meth­ods (2015)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Peter RULANDIn­flu­en­cing factors on the per­form­ance in foot­ball (2015)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Se­bastian STEIN­INGERThe road to the goal - a stat­ist­ical sur­vey regard­ing the "1. Deutsche Bundes­liga" (2015)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Oguzhan TOP­KANDat­ing Apps - User Be­ha­vi­our of the Stu­dents of the Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness (2015)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
David SCHNEIDERBall pos­ses­sion in foot­ball (2014) Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Florian HAM­MERCon­sumer be­ha­vi­our of WU-stu­dents (2013)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Stephan HOCHSTÖGERFactors for the Util­iz­a­tion of Open-­Source on Desktop and Laptop Com­puters (2013)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Lukas HUBERCor­rel­a­tion between the sec­ond­ary edu­ca­tion and the aca­demic suc­cess of stu­dents of the Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness (2013)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Jo­han­nes Florian PACHINGERFactors for the Util­iz­a­tion of Open-­Source on Desktop and Laptop Com­puters (2013)Dr. Her­bert Na­gel
Andreas Eduard GRAFPre­ise von De­riv­aten im BS-­Mod­ell un­ter zeit­abhängigen Para­met­ern (2017)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
To­bias LANGPara­met­erschätzung im Black­-Scholes-­Mod­ell I (2016) Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger 
Mi­chael MI­LIKERPort­fo­lio­op­ti­mier­ung mit nicht nor­mal­ver­teil­ten Renditen (2016)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Max­imilian SCHLER­ITZKOCon­vert­ible Bond Pri­cing (2016)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Patrick ASCHER­MAYRPort­fo­lio Op­tim­iz­a­tion in the Fixed In­come Uni­verse - A Case Study on Cor­por­ate Bonds (2015)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Piotr KOT­LARZOp­tion­s­pri­cing: Mon­te-­Car­lo-Sim­u­la­tion in Black­-Scholes model (2015)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Florian LER­CH­BAM­MEROp­tim­iz­a­tion of Port­fo­lios with Non-­lin­ear De­riv­at­ives (2015)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Ben­jamin BODZENTAIn­com­plete Bi­no­mi­alm­odel (2014)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Dina CA­JLAKOVICCRR Model with stochastic in­terest rates (2013)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Susanne GSCHWENTNERPort­fo­lio-Se­lec­tion (2013)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Mi­chael ZRONEKPort­fo­lio Se­lec­tion (2013)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Nina LANGHAM­MERThe climb and re­leg­ate shares: Com­par­ison of the per­form­ance (2012)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Irena LJU­BI­CICWin­ners and losers: Com­par­ison to the per­form­ance (2012)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Chris­topher MAYRPos­it­ive and neg­at­ive fore­casts. A com­par­ison of the per­form­ance (2012)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Ker­stin NEST­LERCom­par­ison of the Per­form­ance 2004 (2012)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Mar­tina PFEIF­FERPos­it­ive and neg­at­ive fore­casts. A com­par­ison of the per­form­ance (2012)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Mar­ija OGNJANOSKARisk re­duc­tion through ex­pan­sion of the mar­ket (2011)Prof. Klaus Pötzel­ber­ger
Daniel­ida To­dorova KISKINOVAEin­fluss von Bindungsstil auf die Frem­den­feind­lich­keit bei WU-Stud­i­er­enden: Eine Me­di­at­or­ana­lyse (2017)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Andreas FIS­CHINGEREin­flussfaktoren auf Vor­ur­teile ge­genüber Flücht­lingen - Eine em­pir­isch-s­tat­istische Un­ter­suchung bei WU Stud­i­er­enden (2016)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Eva GER­GERR Com­mander Plug-in eRm (2014)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Ju­lian REIN­DORFHow to Write an R Com­mander Plug-in (2014)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Patrick SUTSCHITSCHStat­ist­ical Ana­lysis of the "ORF Som­merge­spräche" 2012 (2014)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Se­bastian AL­TEN­HUBERStat­ist­ical mod­el­ling of fa­mil­iar factors in­flu­en­cing the de­cision of stu­dents to start a busi­ness (2013)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Martin EHR­LICHWho sets up a busi­ness? An em­pir­ic-s­tat­ist­ical ex­am­in­a­tion of the in­flu­ence of char­ac­ter traits and en­vir­on­ment vari­ables con­cern­ing the propensity to en­tre­pren­eur­ship (2013)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Stefan FADERLWhat factors in­flu­ence the buy­ing be­ha­vi­our of stu­dents of the Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness in re­la­tion to or­ganic food? Stat­ist­ical Mod­el­ing (2013)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Peter SIT­TLERStat­ist­ical mod­el­ling of fa­mil­iar factors in­flu­en­cing the de­cision of stu­dents to start a busi­ness (2013)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Martin SKYVAWho sets up a busi­ness? An em­pir­ic-s­tat­ist­ical ex­am­in­a­tion of the in­flu­ence of char­ac­ter traits and en­vir­on­ment vari­ables con­cern­ing the propensity to en­tre­pren­eur­ship (2013)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch
Phil­ipp WINKEL­BAUERWho sets up a busi­ness? An em­pir­ic-s­tat­ist­ical ex­am­in­a­tion of the in­flu­ence of char­ac­ter traits and en­vir­on­ment vari­ables con­cern­ing the propensity to en­tre­pren­eur­ship (2013)Dr. Tho­mas Rusch