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Summer Term 2012

You are cor­di­ally in­vited to at­tend the talks in the sem­inar room of our in­sti­tute, UZA II, Level 4, 2H415, on Fri­days at 9:15am.

March 16

     Justinas Pel­enis
(De­part­ment of Eco­nom­ics and Fin­ance, In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Stud­ies/IHS):
     Bayesian Semi­para­met­ric Re­gres­sion

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April 20

     Matt Taddy
(The Uni­versity of Ch­icago, Booth School of Busi­ness, USA):
     Design of Text Min­ing Ex­per­i­ments

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April 27

    Al­ex­an­der McNeil
(De­part­ment of Ac­tu­ar­ial Mathem­at­ics and Stat­ist­ics, School of Mathem­at­ical and Com­puter Sciences, Heri­ot-Watt Uni­versity, Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land):
    Mul­tivari­ate Stress Test­ing for Solvency

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May 4

    Martyn Plum­mer (In­fec­tion and Can­cer Epidemi­ology Group, In­ter­na­tional Agency for Re­search on Can­cer, Lyon, France):
    Sampling Meth­ods for Gen­er­al­ized Lin­ear Mod­els

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May 11

     Claudia Czado
(Zen­trum Mathem­atik, Tech­nis­che Uni­versität München):
     The World of Vines

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June 1

9:15am - Gregor Hein­rich
(Lei­tung Forschung und Entwicklung, vsonix GmbH, Darm­stadt):
     A Gen­eric Ap­proach to Topic Mod­els
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10:45am - Marco Gori (Fac­ulty of En­gin­eer­ing, Uni­versity of Si­ena, Italy):
     Learn­ing From Con­straints

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June 15

    Nalan Baştürk (Econo­met­ric In­sti­tute, Er­asmus School of Eco­nom­ics, Rot­ter­dam, The Neth­er­lands):
    Bayesian Test­ing for Mul­timod­al­ity Us­ing Mix­ture Dis­tri­bu­tions

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