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We are currently updating this website and adding new features to it. Some information and links may not be accessible at the moment.  We apologize for inconvenience.

Located just a few metro stops from the regional UN headquarters, with its student body of over 23,000, WU Vienna is in a great position to contribute to raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030. This site is a joint initiative between STaR, and student and staff volunteers, who are passionate about making progress on the SDGs. 

If you are interested in research on environmental and social sustainability carried out by WU Vienna faculty, please visit our Research Dissemination site and STaR Faculty Members as well as STaR Intellectual Community pages.

If you are interested in learning more about our SDG outreach projects, visit our Third Mission site.

SDG Day 2020 – Your Impact Matters!

SDG-Day 2020

Organized by students, STaR and staff and faculty at WU.

The SDG-​Day 2020, originally planned for May, has been shifted to the Winter semester and/or online (dates to be confirmed soon). We are pleased to announce that our planning for the event, in collaboration with student organizations and individual volunteers, not only continues but has also gained more weight.

For an overview of Sustainability Transformation Day 2019, visit our Event Archive site.

Stay tuned!

What we are planning for SDG-Day 2020

Boosting SDGs - Carriers with Future

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