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Research & Dissemination

Bundling and sharing knowledge across different disciplines as well as to a broader public is central to our mission as an academically-rooted competence center.

STaR related research areas – economic, environmental and social sustainability, or the so-called Grand Societal Challenges – require interdisciplinary collaboration. They also carry the responsibility of informing and forming public opinion. This site provides space for both:

  • Knowledge exchange among thought leaders at and beyond WU, and

  • Dissemination of the knowledge and experience of STaR intellectual community to the broader public


If you would like to join us in our efforts to foster the community of science communicators, please contact us at 

Veganism, feminism and protein transformation

STaR would like to draw your attention to the workshop “Veganism, feminism and protein transformation” organized by STaR WU members Regine Bendl and Giuseppe Delmestri (WU Vienna Department of Management) with the participation of animal activist and author Marin Balluch and Danube Soya General Secretary Ursula Bittner. The event focused on the stigmatization of citizens endorsing a vegan belief and those promoting feminism, and how the two are intertwined. The panelists also discussed how the promotion of plant-based proteins in diets could contribute to solving pressing social, environmental and ethical challenges like the climate crisis. The video of the event is now available online (in German).

WU Privacy & Sustainable Computing Lab

WU Privacy & Sustainable Computing Lab – founded by STaR WU member Dr. Sarah Spiekermann-Hoff and her WU colleague Dr. Axel Polleres, and currently run by Dr. Ben Wagner  – tackles ethical issues in computing, including but not limited to privacy, open data, hate speech, and AI regulation. Visit the Lab’s website to find out more.

Comparative Green HRM

STaR WU member Dr. Michael Müller-Carmen, together with Dr. Marcus Wagner at the University of Augsburg, are currently leading a cross-institutional research project on Comparative Green HRM. Green HRM studies the many different aspects of HRM that concern long-term environmental sustainability.

For more information about otherresearch projects on sustainability at the WU Vienna Institute for Human Resource Management, please click here (in German).