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STaR SDG-Video series are now online!


The results of a two-year-long project are now online! Thanks to the involvement of our amazing student volunteers and faculty. . .

The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 are at the core of our vision and mission here, at STaR. Our team uses this framework on a daily basis – be it in our teaching, research, or raising SDG awareness on and beyond our university’s campus.

Over the past two years (despite Covid-19 related complications), we collected data, wrote introductory texts, and filmed awareness-raising videos for each SDG, sharing students’ perspectives and research insights, along with useful tips to support the achievement of these goals.

We are now proud and very excited to make these videos permanently available on our website.

To watch, click here:

STaR SDG-Videos

You can also learn about our other SDG-related activities and resources here:


A special thanks to our project assistants Kateřina Krebsová, STaR social media support María Díaz Macías, and Mackenzie Arnold, who helped us with the textual inputs.

We will be posting individual SDG videos on WU STaR Competence Center LinkedIn weekly.

Please follow, share, include in your teaching and learning!

In parallel, we will also continue our posts on humanitarian relief efforts for the war crisis in Ukraine. There's no sustainable development without peace building and human rights.

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