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@OS4Future: a movement for climate action

WU STaR faculty member Giuseppe Delmestri presented at a seminar and round table discussion, on the contribution organizational scientists can offer to confront climate disruption...

On July 2, a group of organizational scientists gathered in London at King’s Business School for a pre-EGOS conference (European Group of Organizational Studies) seminar and round table discussion ont the question: “What contribution can organizational scientists offer to confront climate disruption?” WU professor and STaR WU faculty member, Giuseppe Delmestri presented a paper on organization theory and normativity as a starting input.

During the gathering, the first action of the group, a pledge to reduce flying to reach conference (#EGOSbyTrain), reached the approval of 36 colleagues. The participants of the London event, who had reached the vanue by train and would continue to EGOS in Edinburgh together by train, agreed that the third mission of universities implies taking immediate climate action and launched the movement Organization Scientists for Future.

The webpage and the Twitter account were immediately launched @OS4Future with suggestion for conference travel policies and personal stories of activism and engaged research.

On a side note, a small sugestion when you travel 13 hours by train: aim to finish one of your papers, you will do a lot but not  finish it, so when you reach your final destination your immediate reaction will be: Oh, already here, I would need a couple of hours more!

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