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Intercultural Aspects in CSR Communication (Nov. 20-21)


We invite you to join this interdisciplinary online conference in three languages organized by the Research Group on CSR Communication. Click for more details and registration. . .

Intercultural Aspects in CSR Communication / Interkulturelle Aspekte in der CSR-Kommunikation / Aspectos interculturales en la comunicación de RSC –  this upcoming online conference is organized by the Research Group on CSR Communication (ORESCO), WU’s researchers Hannes Schnitzer und Pilar Pérez at the Department of Foreign Language Business Communication, and with support from STaR. The program is international and interdisciplinary (scholars from linguistics, communication, management, international business, and other fields), with presentations to be held in English, German, and Spanish languages. Our hope is to lay ground for a genuinely intercultural exchange on the current CSR topics.

  • Because of the current travel restrictions and social distancing measures the conference will be held online. Participation is therefore free of costs. However, please make sure to register in advance – sending an email to csr-com@wu.ac.at by Nov. 15 at the latest. All registered attendees will receive a link to join the event closer to the date.  

  • Die Teilnahme ist gratis. Wir ersuchen jedoch um eine formlose, aber verbindliche Anmeldung bis 15. November an csr-com@wu.ac.at. Alle Interessierten bekommen kurz vor der Veranstaltung einen Link zur Teilnahme zugesandt.

  • La inscripción es gratuita. Rogamos a los interesados que se inscriban enviando un mail csr-com@wu.ac.at antes del 15 de noviembre. Los inscritos recibirán un enlace para participar algunos días antes del evento.


Program/ Programm / programa: https://www.wu.ac.at/en/bizcomm/events/intercultural-aspects-in-csr-communication

Registration/Anmeldung/registro: csr-com@wu.ac.at

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