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Economy, Economics and the Climate Crisis


The need for change is indisputable: STaR Co-Director Prof. Sigrid Stagl delivered a keynote speech at the recent Wiener Vorlesungen / WU Matters WU Talks. . .

Wiener Vorlesungen, a long-standing public event organized by the city of Vienna, was hosted within our university's WU Matters WU Talks series on Nov. 6. 2019. The ‘hot’ (in its literal sense) topic of Climate Crisis attracted a large audience, filling not only the WU Festsalle of more than 400 seats, but also an overflow room.   

Sigrid Stagl, head of the Institute for Ecological Economics and Co-Director at STaR, gave a keynote speech on the role of economy, and research in economics, in the Climate Change debate. Her presentation set a tone of urgency and invigoration, which later carried on to the panel discussion with Martin Rohla (Goodshares.at) and Johannes Stangl (Fridays for future), moderated by Sonja Kato. While coming from different perspectives, all three panelists agreed that the need for change, in Vienna and Austria at large, is indisputable. This includes changing government policies on carbon emissions, concrete impact measures for companies, and continuous public awareness raising.

We will be posting the link to the event photos, when these are available. For the official description of the evening (in German), please click here.      

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