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Courses on Sustainability

WU Vienna offers a great number of courses tailored to students interested in environmental and social Sustainability and Responsibility. Every semester, students can choose anywhere from 80 to 100 relevant courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD levels, as well as mixed-level electives.

A unique hands-on program taught conjointly by four major universities in Vienna is Sustainability Challenge. Find out more about this initiative here (please note that the German version of our website offers a more detailed description).

Click here for more information about the sustainability-specific course sequence Module ZuWi at WU (the former is taught in German language bachelor’s programs only, while the latter includes course offerings in English).

Finally, the best way to get informed about general course offerings each semester for current students is via WU Vienna’s vvz [course directory] website. You may search specifically for courses taught by STaR WU faculty members. Alternatively, enter search keywords, such as “sustainability” or “responsibility”. Following topics may also be helpful when browsing the course catalogue:

  • Economic policy challenges, well-being and development, social entrepreneurship, blockchain and sustainability, CSR

  • Environmental sustainability, conservation, resource use, climate change

  • Responsible leadership, rethinking management, stakeholder approach

  • Grand societal challenges, diversity and inclusion, decent work conditions

  • Sustainable Development Goals


Need additional inspiration? Take a look at our course archives!

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