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Volunteering at Caritas - a photographical testimony by Eva Maria Basantpreet

As WU employees, we all are allowed to take a special 2 day leave from work to engage in voluntary work at a recognized aid organizationhere in Austria. This is an enormous opportunity to contribute: please consider it!

To access our carefully curated list with volunteering options, opportunities to donate and other useful information, click here:

#Humanitarian Crisis: How Can We All Help?

Please share our link if you know anyone who may benefit from this information!

Reception & Integration: STaR interview with Dr. Judith Kohlenberger

Dr. Kohlenberger researches the marginalization of refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced persons and tries to inform policy on the topic, especially when it comes to the reception and integration of refugees. She notes the importance of recognizing refugees not as the ‘other’ but as vital members of our society.

This interview was filmed as part of our SDG-Video series.


Video SDG 10 - Judith Kohlenberger & Romina

SDG 10 - Judith Kohlenberger &…

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Refer your students to Volunteering@WU


Volunteering@WU - Lernen macht Schule is a cooperation between WU, Caritas Vienna and BILLA, committed to educational equality regardless of the socio-economic background. Since 2010, each semester, the program has been connecting around 130 university students with 260 children and teenagers from 20 Caritas institutions, including accommodations for asylum seekers, mother-child houses, counselling centers, and others. Students and kids meet on a weekly basis in three different buddy tracks (study-, music- or sports-buddy) to learn with and from each other. Currently, students are also engaged in the Caritas accommodations’ program for refugee families from Ukraine.

The program applies the method of service learning: students perform volunteer work (a service) and complete complementary seminars, supervision, and reflection assignments (learning). They receive 3 ECTS credits per term in addition to WUs social skills certificate.

We encourage you to refer your students to get involved with Volunteering@WU!

Please note that German skills are required to take part in this program.

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