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SIGMA Global Virtual Course

WU is a cofounder of the Societal Impact & Global Management Alliance (SIGMA), which promotes, among other things, the SDGs in the virtual classroom.

The “SIGMA Global Virtual Course: Managing the SDGs" is a blended master's level course developed by learning program coordinators and faculty at seven universities within the SIGMA Alliance.  (The seven are the Copenhagen Business School, ESADE, Hitotsubashi University, Singapore Management University, University of St. Gallen, Université Paris-Dauphine, and WU Vienna). The course combines online and in-class sessions. Students must complete virtual modules prepared by instructors from each of the participating universities. In addition, they work in virtual cross-national, cross-institutional teams to develop a best-practice case study on SDG achievement in a selected company or organization. STaR team has been closely involved in developing, piloting, and teaching the course (with the help of staff at the Program Management and Teaching & Learning Support, who have taken the coordinating role).

At WU, the SIGMA course is currently embedded within the CEMS program. The course syllabus and further details can be found here.