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Course Examinations (LVP)

Exam Schedules

Our exam schedules provide a detailed overview of all exam dates and locations for each large-scale examination week (the gym is only used as an exam location during the May and November exam weeks).

The exam schedules are published before the start of each semester. If you have any questions regarding the exam schedules, please contact us at .

If there are any changes, please notify the exam coordinators at least one week before the start of the respective examination week.

The current list of exam coordinators and exam staff is available here.

Exam schedule, 1st exam week, 2018/19 winter semesterExam coordinators
Exam schedule, 2st exam week, 2018/19 winter semesterExam coordinators
Exam schedule, 3st exam week, 2018/19 winter semesterExam coordinators
Exam schedule, 1st exam week, 2018 summer semesterExam
Exam schedule, 2st exam week, 2018 summer semesterExam
Exam schedule, 3st exam week, 2018 summer semesterExam coordinators

Information for Proctors and Tutors

Please click the links below to find all the relevant information for proctors and support tutors.

Proctors                                     Support Tutors

The relevant legal regulations for holding exams (information materials for proctors, announcement no. 2) must be read to the students before every exam.

Auditorium seating capacities

Here you can find a list of all auditoriums and their maximum seating capacities for course exams.

Exam server and exam preparation

Time frame allowed for creating exams, printing them, and required work on the exam server

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with current regulations on the conduct of examinations. For detailed information, please see the Directive on the Administration of Examinations  (in German) issued by the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs and the WU Examination Regulations.

Copying Costs

Institutes can have exam papers copied by Facultas one week before the exam week and during the exam week. The Examinations Office will cover the costs for exam papers copied during this period. For better accounting of copying costs, a special form has to be signed that is available at Facultas..

Accounting for Large-Scale Exams

You can enter your large-scale exams for payroll accounting under the BACH menu item Großprüfungsorganisation (administration of large-scale exams)

You can find more information on accounting for large-scale exams here (pages in German).

The applicable rates and bonuses are specified in the Operational Agreement on Performance Bonuses and Examination Rates for Academic Staff (Betriebsvereinbarung zur Regelung der Leistungsprämien und Prüfungstaxen für das wissenschaftliche Universitätspersonal; currently available in German only).

As of 2016, you can now complete the accounting protocol for your exams online on your own.

Grade Statistics

Click the following link to view the current grade statistics for all bachelor’s program exams held as part of large-scale examination weeks.