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PURE Tutorials

PURE is a comprehensive research management system that was implemented at WU starting 8 August 2022. It not only replaces the current research information system FIDES, but also integrates the full-text functions of ePubWU, and for the first time allows the digital implementation of the third-party funding process over the entire life cycle of projects. PURE is simple and intuitive in its use, but there are some things you should familiarise yourself with before using the system. You can learn these by yourself through the detailed Sharepoint handbook (including brief screencast videos explaining the most important topics), or you attend the relevant tutorial(s).

We divide the processes in PURE into Publications+ (which includes publications, activities, prizes, press/media coverage, as well as one's own researcher profile) and the management of third-party funding (from the application to the approved award and the ongoing project).

Target groups of the tutorials:

  • persons who make entries for themselves (researchers)

  • persons who have special rights as editors and/or make entries for others (primarily non-academic staff, but also heads of organisational units and other persons who have been authorized to do so)

Non-academic personnel that isn't directly involved either in the management of third-party funding or the recording of research outputs does not need to attend tutorials, as thy have no rolls/functions in the system and can't see, make, or edit any entries.

The tutorials are interactive. If you have the possibility of using a second screen when attending an online tutorial, that will facilitate the learning process.

Module 1 - Publications+

This module deals with the entry of publications (including WU Working Papers formerly mapped in ePubWU), activities, prizes, and press/media coverage, one's own researcher profile, the display of data in the external presentation on WU Research, and the creation of CVs.

Module 2 - Third-Party Funding

This module deals with the third-party funding workflow, explains the difference between Applications, Awards and Projects, explains their external presentation on WU Research, and explains the administration of third-party funds of the organizational unit in PURE.


PURE Schulung/training course
Termine werden laufend ergänzt/new dates added continuously
Wegen Personalmangels derzeit keine Termine/currently no tutorials because of a lack of staff
academic = wissenschaftliches Personal, non-academic = allgemeines Personal

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