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Funding-Newsletter March 2021

The Research Service Center's Funding Newsletter provides information about national and international calls in WU's research areas as well as news from the world of research funding. You can find more calls in the Research Service Centers's research funding database. All information on European programs can be found on our EU page.

The WU Research Service team is happy to answer questions and provide personal advice.

The Research Service Center wishes you happy Easter holidays!


Horizon Europe work programmes in April/May

The negotiations and elaborations of the new Horizon Europe research framework programme are entering the final round. It is expected that the first work programmes for 2021 will be published at the end of April or in May. There are already draft work programmes for most areas - if you are interested, please e-mail the Research Service Center.

FWF Must Suspend Funding Programmes

For several months, Austrian funding organisations, including the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), have been calling attention to the negative consequences resulting from a loss of the National Foundation funding. Despite a parliamentary petition and negotiations on continued funding by the Austrian federal government, the FWF has been forced to take the first appropriate steps. Three funding programmes—the Young Independent Researcher Groups, doc.funds, and #ConnectingMinds—must be suspended to the detriment of outstanding researchers. Two additional programmes - the Special Research Programmes and the Research Groups - must be reduced. More information

FWF - New international call: “CHANSE - Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe”

CHANSE (“Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe”) is a joint initiative of 27 research funding organisations from 24 countries, including the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The goal is to enable international projects on the topic of “Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age” and to provide researchers, especially from the humanities and social sciences, with the necessary funding to research the digital transformation in all its forms. More information

International Funding

Horizon Europe
As the regulation establishing Horizon Europe has not yet been published in its final version, no Work Programmes have been published yet. We expect that these will be published in April/May 2021, with the first deadlines of calls in the fall (with exception of the ERC calls, which already have a deadline in March and April, respectively). MSCA calls are expected to have deadlines in September (Postdoctoral Fellowships, formerly Individual Fellowships), November (Doctoral Networks, formerly International Training Networks) and March (Staff Exchange, formerly Research and Innovation Staff Exchange) respectively.

The National Agency expects the deadlines for the 2021 calls to be as follows:

Key Action 1 - Mobility: 11 May 2021

Key Action 2 - Cooperative Projects: 20 May 2021

The call is expected to be published in the coming weeks. To prepare potential applicants for the coming deadlines, the National Agency will host a series of online informational events.

Challenges for Europe (VolkswagenStiftung) (Deadline: Juli 2021)

For some years now, Europe has been facing a number of serious challenges which cause severe frictions among European states and can only be addressed collectively. In light of these challenges, the Foundation encourages researchers to develop research-based impulses for future cooperation within Europe. It wants to stimulate basic research on issues affecting Europe and the European Union, encourage comparative studies, and strengthen academic collaboration among European scholars.
Funding: up to 1 million Euro for 3 partners, up to 1.5 million Euro for 5 partners
Consortium: consortia involving 3-5 principal investigators from at least 3 different European countries, with main-applicant from a German university/research institution More information

ERA-Net Chanse (EU/FWF): (Deadline: 07 May 2021)

CHANSE will support new and innovative research into the workings, meaning and consequences of transformations and innovations in the present digital age, viewed through the lens of the social and cultural dynamics. Whilst the call text does not preclude comparison with or investigation into other regions, every proposal must demonstrate a strong European dimension, i.e. investigating the changes taking place/affecting Europe as a whole, or at the level of a European country, city, community, etc.
Funding: up to 1,5 million Euro More information

National Funding

Joint Projects Taiwan (FWF) (Deadline: 08 April 2021)
The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MOST) jointly offer the possibility to apply for bilateral Austrian-Taiwanese Joint Research Projects and Joint Seminars. Joint Research Projects enable the funding of closely integrated bilateral research projects for which funding must be secured in Austria and in Taiwan. The aim of Joint Seminars is to fund theme-based workshops or seminars for the purpose of initiating bilateral research co-operations and preparing proposals for joint projects. More information

netidee SCIENCE (FWF) (Deadline: 12 April 2021)

As the research arm of the netidee funding initiative, netidee SCIENCE is part of the largest private initiative for the promotion of the Internet in Austria. The netidee initiative is funded by the non-profit Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) in accordance with its purpose – to promote the Internet in Austria – using funds from Austrian domain administration activities. On behalf of the IPA, the FWF has issued a call for basic research projects designed to promote the Internet in Austria as well as the technologies and methods necessary for that purpose. More information

Weave - Joint Projects Flandern (FWF) (Deadline 16 April 2021)

In the framework of the Weave funding initiative, FWF and its Flemish partner organization FWO have jointly launched a call for international research projects. Proposals can be submitted either to FWF or to FWO as the Lead Agency. Applicants can apply for both, bilateral research projects involving researchers from Austria and Flanders, as well as trilateral projects including additional researchers from Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia, or Switzerland.

If FWF acts as the Lead Agency, the deadline for the submission of proposals is 16 April 2021. Should FWO act as the Lead Agency, proposals must be submitted by 1 April 2021. In the latter case, trilateral proposals can only be submitted including researchers from Luxembourg, Switzerland or Slovenia. More information

Lise Meitner-Programme (FWF) (Deadline 30 April 2021) - Attention: End of programme!

Target group
highly qualified researchers of any discipline who could contribute to the scientific development of an Austrian research institution by working at it. Incoming: post-doctoral researchers from abroad. Reintegration: post-doctoral researchers who have left Austria and wish to return to an Austrian research institution.

Please note: You can submit to the Lise Meitner Programme until 30. April 2021 (postmark or, in the case of solely electronic submission, the sent date of the email including qualified electronic signature). More information

From April 2021, the ESPRIT programme will be accepting applications on a rolling basis from all postdocs at the beginning of their careers.

ESPRIT (FWF) (no deadlines, start of programme in April 2021)

The ESPRIT Programme (“Early Stage Programme: Research, Innovation and Training”) is addressed to highly qualified postdocs from all disciplines at the beginning of their academic career who wish to carry out an independent research project at an Austrian research institute. More information

START Programme (estimated deadline: 20 September 2021)

Outstanding young researchers of any discipline should be given the long-term and extensive financial security to plan their research and to build up or consolidate their own research groups thereby qualifying themselves for senior research positions (especially as university professors within Austria or abroad).

Max funding: up to maximum 1.2 Mio. € for six years. More information

International Communication (ÖFG) (Deadline 30 May 2021)

The research funding scheme “International Communication” of the Austrian Research Association represents an addition to the financial support options of the universities and other project funding institutions. This research funding scheme provides funding for trips abroad and will give guest researchers the opportunity to come to Austria. The funding is aimed at junior researchers demonstrating academic excellence, who have been unable to receive sufficient funding from other institutions either on formal grounds or due to a shortage of resources. More information

R&D Food funding competition (Vienna Business Agency) (Deadline 07 April 2021)

Support for new ideas and innovative solutions in the fields of food production, food processing, food packaging, food quality assurance, food logistics, food recycling and waste prevention

Funding rate: 45% for small businesses; 35% for medium-sized businesses; 25% for large businesses; 80% for research institutions; plus 15% cooperation bonus available; max. funding amount 500,000. euros per project. More Information

WU Internal Funding

Dr. Maria Schaumayer Habilitation Grant (Deadline: 31 May 2021)

The Dr. Maria Schaumayer Habilitation Grant is funded by the Austrian National Bank OeNB and is aimed at women in assistant professor positions at WU. The grant is intended to support women researchers in the social and economic sciences by releasing them from general teaching and administrative duties and allowing them to work on their habilitation projects as freely as possible and without interruption. The grant is available only to female WU employees who are either currently employed by WU or are on maternal leave pursuant to the 1979 Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz), as amended, at the time their application is submitted. Habilitation projects that are strategically and thematically in line with thework of the OeNBand the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) as well as current developments in social and economic policy are of particular interest to the OeNB. More information

Post-doc Research Contracts (Deadline: 11 June 2021)
Post-Doc Research Contracts are intended to support WU’s outstanding post-doc level researchers in their research efforts. The goal of these contracts, in the form of a sabbatical or semester-long leave of absence, is to strengthen the grant recipient’s academic career by giving them more time for their actual research work and to help researchers create and strengthen international networks. Research Contracts include funding for replacement teaching personnel and (if necessary) the replacement of the grant recipient’s position at his/her organizational unit, as well as travel and living expenses. In most cases, the Research Contract is used to facilitate a research stay at an international research organization. More information

Research Contracts for Senior Researchers (Deadline: 11 June 2021)
Research contracts are intended to support outstanding WU researchers in their research efforts and release them from their teaching obligations. They are a type of sabbatical or research leave. The main objective is to release senior WU faculty members from their teaching responsibilities to allow them more time for their research work. As an added incentive for the academic units, research contracts include funding for replacement personnel for the leave period Ideally, the Research Contract should be used to facilitate a research stay at an international and outstanding research organisation. More information

WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna (Deadline: 03 May 2021)

Funding area: WU projects that serve to improve Vienna’s international competitiveness as a cultural, scientific, and economic center and that are expected to strengthen the cooperation between economic sciences and the business community in Vienna. More information

WU Projects (Deadline: 11 June 2021)

Generating publishable research findings through an independently conducted project. WU Projects are intended to fill the niche not covered by the calls for applications issued by the major national funding bodies (OeNB and FWF). WU Projects should lead to further third party-funded projects. More information

Applications for WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings

Due to the current Covid19-situation, international travelling is severely impacted. If you are planning to submit an application for one of the WU internal mobility fundings, please contact the Research Service Center (Daniela Weismeier-Sammer) in advance to discuss the necessary details.
General information regarding WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings can be found in the links. For both fundings there are no deadlines.

    Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

    Industry-related dissertations 2021

    The FFG supports industry-related dissertations by students in companies and non-university research institutions with funds from the National Foundation and the Austria Fund. A maximum of 100,000 Euros and a maximum of 50% of the total costs are funded per project. At least 50% of the funds are earmarked for projects with female students. More information

    ASEA-UNINET Project Call (Deadline: 22 April 2021)
    ASEA-UNINET supports the exchange of knowledge between partner universities in the member countries in Europe and South-East Asia. The main activity of the network is the organization and financial support of the exchange of scientists and postgraduates and the transfer of knowledge associated with this. More Information

    Prizes in the field of statistics (ÖSG) (Deadline: 30 April 2021)
    The ÖSG (Austrian Statistical Society) awards annual prizes for master's and diploma theses as well as dissertations in the field of statistics. More Information (only in German)

    Justitia Awards (Women in Law – Frauen im Recht) (Deadline: 30 April 2021)
    The Justitia Awards honor outstanding female laureates of the legal professions in one of three categories. Nominations are open to women in law in all legal professions: lawyers, notaries public, in-house counsel, judges, researchers and scientists, civil servants, etc. More Information

    Grants from the French government for scientific research stays (Deadline: 02 May 2021)
    This mobility grant is intended to enable young researchers to deepen their research activities in France and to establish new collaborations. More Information (in German and French)

    Project funding Taiwan - Austria (Deadline: 10 May 2021)
    This initiative support is intended to promote longer-term cooperation between higher education institutions (universities, private universities and universities of applied sciences) that are in the competence of the BMBWF (Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research) in Vienna and the MOE (Ministry of Education) in Taipei. More Information

    Joint Excellence in Science & Humanities (JESH) (Deadline: 20 May 2021)
    JESH is a mobility program offered by the Austrian Academy of Sciences that gives postdocs the opportunity to establish scientific collaborations in Austria (JESH Incoming) and in 55 different focus countries (JESH Outgoing) during research stays. More Information

    Förderpreis der Juristischen Blätter (Deadline: 31 May 2021)
    The Verlag Österreich awards the Juristische Blätter Prize for outstanding scientific legal work. More Information (only in German)

    Margaretha Lupac Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy (Deadline: 15 June 2021)
    The Margaretha Lupac Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy Science Award honours a scientist’s life achievements, a scientific publication, or a completed and evaluated doctoral thesis. More Information

    MAX KADE (ÖAW) (Deadline: 15 June 2021)
    This programme of the Max Kade Foundation in New York supports scholars from all research disciplines who wish to visit the USA for research purposes. More Information

    AK Science Award (AK Upper Austria) (Deadline: 30 June 2021)
    The Chamber of Labour for Upper Austria awards an annual science prize for scientific work and research that serves to improve the working and living conditions of employees. Topic 2021: "Digital change must be actively shaped!" More Information (only in German)

    Upcoming Events

    April 27, 2021, 2 pm – 4 pm (online via Webex)
    FWF Austrian Science Fund, Dr. Tina Olteanu
    Programme and the external link to the registration:

    May 4, 2021, 10:00 am via Teams
    Introduction to FIDES - only in German language, but an English video is available here.

    May 6, 2021, 10:00am, online
    Dr. Brigitte Robien from the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) will be talking about the funding programs: Bridge, Innovation Voucher, ICT of the Future
    Registration (please note that this event will be held in German)