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Funding-Newsletter June 2023

The Research Service Center's Funding Newsletter provides information about national and international calls in WU's research areas as well as news from the world of research funding. You can find more calls in the Research Service Centers's research funding database. All information on European programmes can be found on our EU page.

The WU Research Service team is happy to answer questions and provide personal advice.


FWF - Call for Tenders for a Research Policy Study

The FWF invites tenders for a study to analyse the direct and indirect economic impact of research results that have emerged in whole or in part from FWF-funded projects over the past 10 to 20 years. More information

Starting March 2023: FWF Switches Administration of Stand-Alone Projects to PROFI
Since 2019, the FWF has been gradually switching the administration of its funding programs to the new PROFI mode. This change is intended to make the funding process easier for researchers and their institutions while ensuring autonomy in the application process. The administration of Stand-Alone Projects has switched over to PROFI with March 20, 2023. More information

FWF: FWF Open-Access Block Grant Starting in 2024
Since 2019, the FWF has been gradually switching the administration of its funding programs to the new PROFI mode. Starting in 2024, the FWF will be providing a new instrument to support open-access publishing: the FWF open-access block grant. More information

FWF - Funding Decisions: Funding Amount per Number of Required Reviews Increased

The FWF makes its funding decisions based on international peer reviews. Previously, two reviews per proposal were required up to a requested funding amount of €400,000. Due to inflation and the resulting higher costs, the FWF is increasing this amount to €450,000 as of July 1, 2023. In the future, three international reviews will be required for proposals requesting funding of €450,000 to €650,000; for each additional increase of €200,000 in the amount of funding applied for, one additional review will be required. More information

Current FFG projects: Above-average inflation
According to the FFG cost guidelines, hourly rates are to be calculated using the annual wage account for the last completed calendar year. However, since the jump in inflation between 2022 and 2023 was above average, the hourly rates from 2023 can be used for reporting periods ending in 2023. However, the hourly rate from 2023 may only be used for hours from this year.

ENGAGE.EU: Research Collaboration Platform
ENGAGE.EU is launching the new Research Collaboration Platform that will faciliate collaboration and networking among researchers of the nine partner universities, as well as sharing inspiring articles, events and news.

International Funding

All open and forthcoming calls can be found in the Funding & Tenders Portal

ERC Grants

The ERC’s 2024 Work Programme, including the detailed information about the grant competitions, is expected to be adopted in July of this year. Tentative dates for the 2024 ERC calls:

  • Starting Grant: 24 October 2023

  • Consolidator Grant: 12 December 2023

  • Advanced Grant: 29 August 2024

  • Synergy Grant: 8 November 2023

  • Proof of Concept: 14 March 2024 and 12. September 2024

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

MSCA Actions are the European Union’s flagship funding programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training. For details about the funding opportunities and calls refer to the latest MSCA work progamme 2023-2024: 

Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)

New EU funding programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and public administrations:

Horizon Europe

The thematically open programme funds interdisciplinary research networks. COST Actions cover the expenses of networking activities rather than research and as such is used to organise and fund scientific events, reimburse travel expenses for scientific purposes, and promote publications. Information on the open call can be found here (deadline 25 October 2023).

National Funding

FWF has established together with eleven other European research funding organisations network for the purpose of funding cross-border research projects. As part of the “Weave” initiative, researchers from two or three countries can carry out closely integrated, joint research projects. Proposals will be processed according to the lead agency procedure, meaning that only one of the participating funding organisations is responsible for reviewing the proposal and making a funding recommendation, while the funding is done separately by each respective national funding organisation. More information

Switzerland (Lead Agency Switzerland): 02 October 2023

START (FWF) (start of the next call: 01 July 2023, deadline: 20 September 2023)

Researchers should be given the long-term and extensive financial security to plan their research and to build up or consolidate their own research groups thereby qualifying themselves for senior research positions (especially as university professors within Austria or abroad).
The doctoral degree must have been completed (award of certificate) no less than two years and no longer than eight years before the deadline for submission of applications. Extensions to this period may be allowed in case of eligible career breaks (see guidelines). More information

Research Groups (FWF) (Deadline: 02 October 2023)

A team of three to five internationally outstanding researchers from all scientific/scholarly disciplines, in particular from the humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences, form a research group at Austrian research institutions. Participation in a maximum of one research group is possible in addition to the currently applicable project number restriction of three FWF projects. More information

Information and Communication Technology 2023 Call „Digital Humanism” (WWTF) (Deadline short proposal: 01 October 2023)

This call is directed at researchers in Vienna who seek to conduct a cutting-edge interdisciplinary research project (2 - 4 years) between ICT and social sciences / humanities (SSH) that address digital technologies & practices from a human-centered and societal perspective in the field of Digital Humanism. 

A total of € 3,5 million has been dedicated to this call. The funding range per project is € 300,000 – € 600,000. Additional funding opportunities are available for collaborative projects between scientists in Vienna and Lower Austria. More information

International Communication (ÖFG) (Deadline: 04 October 2023)

The research funding scheme “International Communication” of the Austrian Research Association represents an addition to the financial support options of the universities and other project funding institutions. This research funding scheme provides funding for trips abroad and will give guest researchers the opportunity to come to Austria. The funding is aimed at junior researchers demonstrating academic excellence, who have been unable to receive sufficient funding from other institutions either on formal grounds or due to a shortage of resources. More information

WU Internal Funding

WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings
We would like to remind you of two WU-internal funding possiblities. General information regarding WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings can be found in the links. There are no deadlines for both fundings!

Bonus to cover caretaking costs during business travel
WU has launched an initiative to provide additional support to our researchers with caretaking responsibilities. Researchers should not have to limit their international network building activities, which are such a key factor for academic success, because of caretaking responsibilities. Caretaking responsibilities include not only childcare, but also the care of spouses or partners in need of constant care or the care of elderly parents or grandparents. More Information

    Awards, Grants and Scholarships

    Kathrein Privatbank Foundation Award (Deadline: 31 July 2023)
    In order to promote excellent work on civil and tax law aspects of foundation law, Kathrein Privatbank will again offer the Foundation Award in 2023, which is endowed with a total of up to EUR 3,500. More Information (only in German)

    MAX KADE - ÖAW (Deadline: 1 September 2023)
    This programme of the Max Kade Foundation in New York supports scholars from all research disciplines who wish to visit the USA for research purposes.More Information

    Dr. Maria Schaumayer Foundation (Deadline: 15 October 2023)
    Awards and sponsorship prizes to support women's careers
    Objective of this non-profit foundation: active support and promotion of women's careers in business and science; promotion of research and improvement of the framework conditions for these careers.More Information (only in German)

    Upcoming Events

    • FWF Calendar (scientific events and calls)

    • Network Meeting - WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna
      October 12, 2023
      An invitation to register will be send via email lists.

    • Research Talk: OeNB
      November 23, 2023, 10:00 am; Online

      An invitation to register will be send via email lists.