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Funding-Newsletter December 2022

The Research Service Center's Funding Newsletter provides information about national and international calls in WU's research areas as well as news from the world of research funding. You can find more calls in the Research Service Centers's research funding database. All information on European programmes can be found on our EU page.

The WU Research Service team is happy to answer questions and provide personal advice.

We wish you a prosperous, peaceful and happy New Year.


Work programmes for 2023 - 24 published
Recently the EU-Commission published the Horizon Europe work programs for 2023 - 24 and the corresponding calls in the Funding & Tender Portal.

Teaching and Learning Materials to Foster Good Scientific Practice
The OeAWI (Austrian Agency for Research Integrity) offers didactically tried teaching and learning materials to foster Good Scientific Practice at it's member institutions. The materials are available to WU employees free of charge.

Trainings Materials


International Funding

Horizon Europe
All open and forthcoming calls can be found in the Funding & Tenders Portal. Below you find only some examples of a huge number of highly relevant calls:

The climate imperative and its impact on democratic governance

Strategies to strengthen the European linguistic capital in a globalised world

Minimise costs and maximise benefits of job creation and job destruction

Resilience and mental wellbeing of the health and care workforce

Market Uptake Measures of renewable energy systems 

Also the Erasmus+ Calls and the Programme Guide for 2023 were published. Here you find a list of all deadlines.

National Funding

Austrian Climate Research Programme 2023 (Klima- und Energiefonds) (Deadline: 26 January 2023)
Within the framework of the Climate and Energy Fund, the Austrian Climate Research Programme (ACRP) provides a conceptual and institutional basis for supporting climate research in Austria. The ACRP focuses on research on climate change and climate actions, adaptation, mitigation and their mutual interrelation. More Information

Mobility 2023 Cities and Digitization (FFG) (Deadline: 15 February 2023)
The call on the topic of mobility is dedicated to the two mission fields "Cities: design urban mobility in a climate-neutral manner" and "Digitization: operate infrastructure, mobility and logistics services efficiently and in a climate-friendly way". Projects can be submitted on the following topics:
- Use and combination of different information channels for a multimodal traffic and mobility control
- Competences and tools as a contribution to the realization of the national mobility data space
- Demand-oriented solution modules for climate-neutral cities in Austria
- Effects and potentials of the increasing use of automated vehicle for publicly accessible mobility
- Addressing challenges posed by increased transport of waste by rail
More information

Digital Transformation in Mobility 2022 (FFG) (Deadline: 01 March 2023)
The aim of the present call is to prepare the first measures of the Digital Transformation in Mobility Action Plan (AP-DTM). Innovative solutions are sought in the following areas: 1) National Mobility Data Space 2) Integrated traffic information and integrated traffic management 3) Digital transport legislation It is planned to fund one R&D service in each focus area.
More information

Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) (Deadline: 22 March 2023)
The Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) was established in 1966 to mark the bank’s 150th anniversary. Total funding for project proposals submitted to the OeNB Anniversary Fund is limited to EUR 250,000. The minimum funding amount is EUR 50,000.

In 2019, the Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) initiated a strategy process to redefine its funding structure. This process was based on the recommendations of the Austrian Court of Audit regarding the distribution of grants and took into account existing external and internal framework conditions. In the future, the strategic focus will be on promoting basic research projects aimed at advancing the state of research on central banking topics, with a special emphasis on selected focus areas.

Unlike in the past, the relevance of the research project for the OeNB’s core topics is no longer based on the allocation of the project to a specific scientific discipline but on its allocation to one of 19 research clusters. These research clusters were derived from the OeNB’s strategy and mission statement and reflect the OeNB’s research priorities. More information

Bridge (FFG) (Deadline: 22 March 2023)
BRIDGE provides funding for collaboration between scientific institutes and businesses. The projects should be designed as basic research projects but should also offer prospects for commercialisation. The participating companies must be effectively involved in the project work and make a financial contribution, if applicable. More information

International Communication (ÖFG) (next deadlines: 08 January 2023, 12 March 2023)
The research funding scheme “International Communication” of the Austrian Research Association represents an addition to the financial support options of the universities and other project funding institutions. This research funding scheme provides funding for trips abroad and will give guest researchers the opportunity to come to Austria. The funding is aimed at junior researchers demonstrating academic excellence, who have been unable to receive sufficient funding from other institutions either on formal grounds or due to a shortage of resources. More information

Netidee (FWF) (Deadline: 10 April 2023)
The objective behind netidee SCIENCE funding is to support independent basic research on the opportunities and challenges presented by the internet and related innovations at Austria's universities and non-university research institutions. The netidee SCIENCE award for excellent online research is financed by the charitable foundation Internet Stiftung.
The application requirements for these projects as well as the amount and duration of funding correspond to the FWF's requirements for its Stand-Alone Projects programme or ESPRIT programme.
More information

WU Internal Funding

WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings
We would like to remind you of two WU-internal funding possiblities. General information regarding WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings can be found in the links. There are no deadlines for both fundings!

Bonus to cover caretaking costs during business travel
WU has launched an initiative to provide additional support to our researchers with caretaking responsibilities. Researchers should not have to limit their international network building activities, which are such a key factor for academic success, because of caretaking responsibilities. Caretaking responsibilities include not only childcare, but also the care of spouses or partners in need of constant care or the care of elderly parents or grandparents. More Information

    Awards, Grants and Scholarships

    Prize of the Bankers’ Association (Deadline: 31 January 2023)
    The Austrian Bankers’ Association awards excellent research papers contributing towards the promotion of the Austrian banking industry and focusing on matters of business and banking law. More Information (in German)

    OCG Incentive Award (Austrian Computer Society) (Deadline: 28 February 2023)
    The Austrian Computer Society OCG awards the OCG Incentive Award annually to promote informatics and business informatics. More Information

    Prize of the Österreichische Statistische Gesellschaft (ÖSG) (Deadline: 10 March 2023)
    ÖSG awards annual prizes for master's and diploma theses and dissertations in the field of statistics. More Information (only in German)

    City of Vienna Awards (Deadline: 31 March 2023)
    The City of Vienna annually awards 6 prizes for humanities, social and cultural sciences, medical sciences, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, and popular education. More Information (only in German)

    Funding from the City of Vienna (Deadline: 31 March 2023)
    The City of Vienna funds small independent scientific projects.
    More Information (only in German)

    Upcoming Events