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Funding-Newsletter March 2022

The Research Service Center's Funding Newsletter provides information about national and international calls in WU's research areas as well as news from the world of research funding. You can find more calls in the Research Service Centers's research funding database. All information on European programmes can be found on our EU page.

The WU Research Service team is happy to answer questions and provide personal advice.


In 30 learning units you will learn almost everything about "European Funding". Registration until March 31, 2022.
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EU Knowledge Valoration Week (29 March - 1 April)

The Week will bring together stakeholders and policy makers across Europe. It will stimulate exchange of experiences and dialogue on ways to improve investments, capacities and skills for knowledge valorisation in the European Union. Meet with knowledge valorisation enthusiasts and join the discussion! More info

ERC Calls 2023 published

After two rounds of ERC grant competitions that followed an untypical schedule, the ERC intends to return to a normal calendar of calls under the Work Programme 2023. That Programme has yet to be approved, so the dates of the calls are still tentative and subject to change. However, to be transparent and to help applicants plan their work, the ERC have published an indicative schedule. Please note that the next Starting Grant call deadline is already in October 2022!

  • ERC Starting Grant: 25 October 2022

  • ERC Consoldiator Grant: 2 February 2023

  • ERC Advanced Grant: 2 May 2023

  • ERC Synergy Grant: 8 November 2022

International Funding

Horizon Europe

All open and forthcoming calls from the 2021-2022 Work Programmes can be found in the Funding & Tenders Portal. Here is a brief overview of some calls that my be relevant to WU researchers:

Cluster 2 - Culture, creativity and inclusice society

Cluster 5 - Climate, Energy and Mobility

Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area

National Funding

netidee SCIENCE (FWF) (Deadline: 12 April 2022)
As the research arm of the netidee funding initiative, netidee SCIENCE is part of the largest private initiative for the promotion of the Internet in Austria. On behalf of the Internet Foundation, the FWF has issued a call for basic research projects designed to promote the Internet in Austria as well as the technologies and methods necessary for that purpose. More information

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (WWTF) - short proposal (Deadline: 12 April 2022)
This call is open to researchers at universities and non-university research institutions, who seek to conduct a cutting-edge research projects (2 to 4 years) to address a fundamental research question in ICT fields. Additional funding opportunities are available for collaborative projects between scientists in Vienna and Lower Austria. A total of € 6 million has been dedicated to this call. The funding range per project is € 400,000 to € 800,000. More information

International Communication (ÖFG) (next deadline: 12 June 2022)
The research funding scheme “International Communication” of the Austrian Research Association represents an addition to the financial support options of the universities and other project funding institutions. This research funding scheme provides funding for trips abroad and will give guest researchers the opportunity to come to Austria. The funding is aimed at junior researchers demonstrating academic excellence, who have been unable to receive sufficient funding from other institutions either on formal grounds or due to a shortage of resources. More information

Elise-Richter-Programm (FWF) (Deadline: 31 May 2022)
The Elise Richter Programme for senior postdocs and the Elise Richter Programme for arts-based research, Elise Richter PEEK, have been designed as a specific funding measure for women in science and research. After completion of the program a level of qualification should be accomplished which enables participants to apply for a local or abroad professorship ("Habilitation" or equal qualification). More information

DOC and DOC-Team (ÖAW) (Deadline: 15 September /31 October 2022)
The two funding schemes support individual scientists or teams of 3-4 people. The amount of the grant is EUR 38,000 per person per year.
More information DOC
More information DOC team

Start Programm (FWF) (expected Deadline: 20 September 2022)
Excellent researchers from all disciplines get the opportunity to plan their research work in the longer term and with financial security. Researchers should be given the long-term and extensive financial security to plan their research and either build up or consolidate their own research groups thereby qualifying themselves for a leading position in the academic system (especially as university professors within Austria or abroad). More information

Connex: Kaiserschild-Wissenschaftsvernetzung
The Kaiserschild Foundation offers young researchers from the field of business and economics working in Austria funding to establish and expand scientific networks and to support them in the implementation of research tasks. Funding is provided for publication costs, travel and subsistence costs for the preparation of a conference, travel costs for data collection, provided that at least 3 people from the above target group are involved, costs and purchases in the context of data collection. More Information

WU Internal Funding

Applications for WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings
We would like to remind you of two WU-internal funding possiblities. General information regarding WU International Research Fellow and WU Research Group Meetings can be found in the links. Please note: There are no deadlines for both fundings! Depending on the Covid19-situation please contact the Research Service Center prior to your application.

Bonus to cover caretaking costs during business travel
WU has launched an initiative to provide additional support to our researchers with caretaking responsibilities. Researchers should not have to limit their international network building activities, which are such a key factor for academic success, because of caretaking responsibilities. Caretaking responsibilities include not only childcare, but also the care of spouses or partners in need of constant care or the care of elderly parents or grandparents. More Information

The OeNB funds research stays abroad
Are you planning a longer-term stay abroad for research in line with the strategy and mission statement of the OeNB or the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) that deals with current social and economic policy developments? The OeNB will cover your travel and accommodation costs as part of the WU-OENB Internationalization Award!
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Post-doc Research Contracts (Deadline: 13 June 2022)
Post-Doc Research Contracts are intended to support WU’s outstanding post-doc level researchers in their research efforts. The goal of these contracts, in the form of a sabbatical or semester-long leave of absence, is to strengthen the grant recipient’s academic career by giving them more time for their actual research work and to help researchers create and strengthen international networks. More information

Research Contracts for Senior Researchers (Deadline: 13 June 2022)
Research contracts are intended to support outstanding WU researchers in their research efforts and release them from their teaching obligations. They are a type of sabbatical or research leave. More information

WU Projects (Deadline: 13 June 2022)

Generating publishable research findings through an independently conducted project. WU Projects are intended to fill the niche not covered by the calls for applications issued by the major national funding bodies (OeNB and FWF). WU Projects should lead to further third party-funded projects. More information

    Awards, Grants and Scholarships

    Dissertation Award for Research on Migration - OEAW (Deadline: 6 May 2022)

    The Dissertation Award for Research on Migration is awarded for a doctoral thesis project that has been submitted and accepted for supervision at an Austrian university but is yet to be completed and examines refugeeism and migration, the integration of migrants or societal transformation as a result of migration. Submissions are welcome from all fields of the social sciences, humanities and jurisprudence and legal theory. More Information

    Edmund and Rosa Hlawka Award for Mathematics - OEAW (Deadline: 25 May 2022)

    The Award is given for outstanding scientific achievements in the fields of number theory and geometry, especially the theory of equidistribution and the geometry of numbers. More Information

    Prof. Dr. Marijan Hanžeković Prize (Deadline: 1 June 2022)

    The Trust is inviting authors to submit theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented papers in the field of public sector economics to this competition. Both Croatian and foreign citizens can submit papers in the Regular Award category. More Information

    AK Science Prize (Deadline: 30 June 2022)

    The Upper Austria Chamber of Labor awards an annual science prize for scientific work and research to improve the working and living conditions of employees. Science Award 2022: Topic "The Social Consequences of the Corona Pandemic". More Information (only in German)

    Upcoming Events

    FFG Academy – the FFG offers training sessions for prospective and successful applicants; all dates and recordings of past events can be found here.

    FWF Calendar (scientific events and calls)

    10 May 2022, 10am –12noon
    Webinar FWF Austrian Science Fund
    External link to the registration here:

    15 June 2022, Research Talk: OeNB
    An invitation to register will be send via email lists.