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FIDES Manual

This manual is updated regularly.
(Last update: October 2018)


In 1998, the planning phase for the first version of FIDES started at WU; one year later, FIDES was launched in cooperation with BOKU and Vetmed-Uni Vienna. Over the years, the database has been updated several times with regard to functionality and design.

FIDES draws its data from WU in-house data processing systems like BACH and SAP. Currently, FIDEs contains more than 73,000 entries (October 2018).

FIDES contains research-related date about:

  • departments, (research institutes), competence centers,

  • academic staff

  • research projects (since 2000)

  • project partners and funding organizations, and of course

  • academic publications.

FIDES was completely overhauled in 2015, and the new version went online in November 2015.

Who is authorized to add or edit FIDES data?

All of WU's academic staff members can log in to FIDES with their user name and password to enter or edit data.

Additionally, institute staff members may enter or edit FIDES entries for other members of their institute. Staff members can also be authorized to access the FIDES accounts of academic staff members working at other institutes (e.g. affiliated research institutes). To request special user rights, please contact

Who can access FIDES?

There is no login required to access FIDES on the WU website. FIDES serves as a scientific database and is available to the interested public as an online reference for obtaining information about the main areas of research and expertise represented at WU. Several search functions allow for searching WU staff members by name, classification codes, or keywords.


What is FIDES data used for?

FIDES reports provide an important basis for many different activities and publications, for instance:

  • WU Intellectual Capital Report ("Wissensbilanz")

  • performance/target agreements

  • performance bonuses

  • evaluations

  • accreditations

  • WU memo

  • research communication

  • etc.

Given this broad range of purposes for which FIDES is used, it is extremely important that WU's staff members keep their FIDES accounts up to date to ensure good data quality!

Since 2016, FIDES also plays an important role in the awardings of performance bonuses to WU's academic staff. Top journal articles eligible for bonuses are reported from FIDES once a year.


Go to to log in to FIDES.

The following menu items are available even if you are not logged in:

Menüpunkt Erläuterung
HomeLink to the main page
People Search for WU researchers
OrganizationOverview of departments, (research) institutes, and competence centers at WU
Expertise Search by ÖSTAT research area classification codes
Projects Search for research projects at WU
Publications Search for publications by WU researchers

To access FIDES, you need to log in to WU's central server. Please use your regular WU username and password.

FIDES is now available in English, too! In the upper right-hand corner of the main page, you can change the language from German to English.

Your personal FIDES page

If you are logged in, your name is shown on the main page. By clicking "visit your page", you can access your personal FIDES page directly. If you are authorized to edit other persons' accounts, you can choose which account you would like to edit.

On your personal FIDES page, you can select several menu items:

  • profile (CV, awards and honors, research area classifications, etc.)

  • publications

  • projects

  • activities (e.g. services to the community)

Your contact information data (extension, institute, etc.) is automatically extracted from the WU directory.

Academic profile

Here you can enter and update your acaemic profile as a researcher to give interested users an overview of your academic career. The following details can be added here:

  • academic career (CV)

  • awards and honors received

  • classifications of research areas (ÖSTAT classifications, plain text)

  • expertise

  • researcher identifier (ORCID, ResearcherID, Scopus Author Identification)

To add a new entry, click the button "edit information" next to the information you would like to edit.

New: The category "Researcher Identifier" allows you to enter different types of research-related identification numbers. Click the button "Edit information" to choose from three different types: ORCID, ResearcherID und Scopus Author Identification.

Adding publications

The button "Add new publication" allows you to add new publication entries to your FIDES account. You can choose from 34 different publication types.

Data import

Publications cannot only be entered manually, but also via Data import options:

  • BibTeX

  • DOI number (via CrossRef), and

  • RIS

Please note that via data import options not all necessary information might be transferred. Hence you might have to fill-in additional publication details.

Data export

You can download your publication list as .ris-, .bibtex-, .xls-, .csv- or .pdf-document by clicking the respective button.

Entering publications manually

After clicking the button "Add new publication" you are prompted to select the respective publication type. You are also required to state whether the publication is WU-affiliated or not.

The following types of publications can be entered in FIDES:

book (monograph)journal articlechapter in edited volumecontribution in legal commentarycase note
edited book (editorship)contribution to conference proceedingspaper presented at an academic conferenceposter presented at an academic conferenceworking/ discussion paper, preprint
research report, expert opinionencyclopedia articleprimary source collectionbook or article reviewtranslation
textbookpractice handbook, manualteaching materialslecture notes/ article in lecture notescase study
dictionaryeBook, chapter in eBookmultimediamedia reporthabilitation
dissertationmaster's thesisdiploma thesisbachelor's thesismagazine/ newspaper article
unpublished lecturemiscellaneouspatent, licensesoftware 

If you are not shure which category to choose for your publications, please contact the Research Service Center.

After clicking "continue" you get to the main page for entering publication details. Please enter all relevant publication data. Fields marked with an asterisk sign are mandatory. To ensure high data quality, please enter as much information about the publication as you have available. Do not forget to enter the relevant institute(s), research project(s), and classification code(s) your publication is associated with.

DOI number

For journal publications you now need a valid DOI number (Digital Object Identifier). Please note that the link you fill-in the form has to start with: " as it serves as a direct link to your paper on the respective journal's website.

Currently, mainly journals in English provide authors with DOIs. Often, juridical and German journal do not offer this service. If you have not received a DOI from the journal you're about to publish in, please enter "n.a." (for non-applicable) in the DOI field.

Caution: Journal articles without DOIs might be deleted if the Research Service Center detects that the journal has provided such a number!

Open Access

For some publication types you will now have to enter whether they are available open access (i.e. free of charge) online. This fiel is mandatory. If your publication is open access, please do not forget to enter the respective link.

All open access publications will be marked in FIDES with the well-known symbol.

Further information on open access at WU is provided by the WU library.

Important: No more forthcomings in FIDES (articles "in press")


Earlier versions of FIDES allowed entering journal papers when they had the status "forthcoming". As DOI-numbers are widely rampant nowadays, it is no longer necessary to distinguish between "forthcoming" papers and those which are already physically published. From the moment on a paper has a DOI, you can add it to FIDES. Please note: The status "forthcoming" is no longer available. So please do not enter articles in press without a valid DOI!

Older papers with the status "forthcoming" can and shall still be changed when they are published. So please do not forget to change the status of your previously forthcoming publications!

Adding a new journal/publisher

Occassionally, you won't find the journal you need in the list of FIDES journals and therefore a new journals will have to be added. In this case, please contact the Research Service Center. We will add the journal asap.

New: Publication Tags

You now have the possibility to tag your publications. If you wish so, go to the publication details and enter your tags there. Press "enter" to save the tag. Of course you can also use the publication search-function and search through the tags.

Adding research projects

Recording research projects is important for tracking and communicating the scientific output of WU.

To add a new project, please go to the projects menu and click "create new project". A window opens where you can enter the details of your project. Inserting an abstract is optional but please consider that abstracts give a brief overview of your research work and will be interesting for your target audience.

Once again, please make sure to enter the relevant institute(s), research project(s), classification code(s), project-related staff members, and project and funding partners your publication is associated with. It is now also possible to add a WU internal account number (Innenauftragsnummer) and a URL to the project website. Furthermore, you can now upload a logo.

Adding new project or funding partners

Maybe the project or funding partner you need is not on the FIDES list yet and you will need to add a new partner to the list. In this case, click the "+" sign next to "Partners" or "Funding Bodies".

Please check the list to make absolutely sure that the required partner is not listed to avoid multiple entries.

Editing publications or projects

If you want to edit an existing FIDES-entry, select it from your publication or project list and click on the edit-icon. Modify the entry and do not forget to click the "save"-button when you're done.

Activities / Community Services

Here you can enter services to the scientific community, e.g. guest lectures, reviewing activities, editorships etc.


The menu item "Administration" includes a number of possibilites for you to change or update your account entries.

As a special feature, FIDES includes a reporting function, which displays some statistical analyses for your institute or department. Please do not forget to change names if you want to administrate another person.

Reporting offers two options: Acitivity Report and PUB Rating. Activity Report enables you to view and download your own activity report (up to 5 years back). Pub Rating shows the publication output of the academic unit and the corresponding department. Furthermore, journal articles published in journals with citation index (CI) are marked separately. All numbers shown are links to the corresponding publications.

Interface FIDES and ePubWU

As FIDEs is used to store bibliographic data about publications only, we have designed a service that allows you to upload the full texts of your publication (such as PDF documents) via a dedicated interface. Publication data like author name(s), title, and publication type will be transferred directly from FIDES to ePubWU.

ePubWU is the institutional repository of WU and allows all WU researchers to make their publications freely available online (open access).

After adding your publication details in FIDES you can link the publication to the full text in ePubWU by clicking "Submit to ePubWU". You will then be forwarded to the main page. Please log in with your user name and password. The system will transfer your FIDES-entry into the repository an will foward you to the page where you can upload your full text.

If you have any questions, please contact the team of ePubWU.

Contact and support

and ePubWU
Mag. Gertraud Novotny, MSc
WU Library
ext. 4913