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Altreiter, Carina

Dr. Altreiter, Carina
Dr. Altreiter, Carina

Project Staff (currently on maternity leave)

Carina Altreiter received her PhD in Sociology at the University of Vienna and is currently a post-doc researcher and WU project leader in the FWF-funded project „Spatial Competition and Economic Policies (SPACE): Discourses, Institutions and Everyday Practices.” (ZK-60; duration: 2019-2023).
Previously, she has been working in the project “Solidarity in times of crisis (SOCRIS)” (FWF Nr. I 2698-G27; duration: 2016-2019) at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. For her PhD thesis dealing with the influence of social class on the working-life trajectories and work experiences of young industrial blue-collar workers (Campus, 2019) she received the Theodor-Körner award in 2017.
Her research areas and interests cover work and employment, social inequalities – with a focus on social class and gender –, social change, solidarity, qualitative methods and public sociology.