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Daniela Weber

University of Economics and Business (WU)
Health Economics and Policy Division
Room D4.3.272
Welthandelsplatz 1/ Building D4
1020 Vienna

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Research interests

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Chapter in edited volume

2020 Loichinger, Elke, Weber, Daniela. 2020. Combining Working Life and Health Expectancies In: International Handbook of Health Expectancies. Hrsg. Springer. Read more
2010 Sonntag, Axel, Weber, Daniela. 2010. GGUM2004 –Generalized Graded Unfolding Models In: IRT Software: Überblick und Anwendungen. Hrsg. Maier, Marco, Hatzinger, Reinhold. Read more
2010 Holweg, Christina, Lienbacher, Eva, Weber, Daniela, Schnedlitz, Peter. 2010. Sozialmarkt - Imagegewinn oder Gefahr für die Marke? In: Aktuelle Beiträge zur Markenforschung. Hrsg. Mayerhofer, W., Secka, M. Read more
2009 Weber, Daniela, Krakovsky, Maria. 2009. Erwartungskoinzidenz bei UniversitätsprofessorInnen und wissenschaftlichen MitarbeiterInnen: Das Log-lineare Bradley-Terry Model für Paarvergleichsdaten In: Präferenzanalyse mit R. Hrsg. Reinhold Hatzinger, Regina Dittrich, Thomas Salzberger. Read more

Journal article

2023 Stacherl, Barbara, Renner, Anna Theresa, Weber, Daniela. 2023. Financial incentives and antibiotic prescribing patterns: Evidence from dispensing physicians in a public healthcare system. Read more
2022 Weber, Daniela, Loichinger, Elke. 2022. Live longer, retire later? Developments of healthy life expectancies and working life expectancies between age 50–59 and age 60–69 in Europe. Read more
2022 Spitzer, Sonja, Shaikh, Mujaheed, Weber, Daniela. 2022. Older Europeans’ health perception and their adaptive behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
2020 Weber, Daniela, Scherbov, Sergei. 2020. Prospects of activity limitations among older adults in 23 low and middle income countries. Read more
2019 Prasitsiriphon, Orawan, Weber, Daniela. 2019. Objective physical measures and their association with subjective functional limitations in a representative study population of older Thais. Read more
2019 Spitzer, Sonja, Weber, Daniela. 2019. Reporting biases in self-assessed physical and cognitive health status of older Europeans. Read more
2018 Dekhtyar, Serhiy, Weber, Daniela, Helgertz, Jonas, Herlitz, Agneta. 2018. Sex differences in academic strengths contribute to gender segregation in education and occupation: A longitudinal examination of 167,776 individuals. Read more
2018 Zniva, Robert, Lienbacher, Eva, Weber, Daniela. 2018. Revising the Influence of Aging on the Food Shopping Environment. Read more
2018 Zniva, Robert, Weber, Daniela. 2018. Revising the Conceptualization of Aging in Consumer Behavior. Read more
2017 Scherbov, Serguei, Weber, Daniela. 2017. Future trends in the prevalence of severe activity limitations among older adults in Europe: a cross-national population study using EU-SILC. Read more
2017 Weber, Daniela, Dekhtyar, Serhiy, Herlitz, Agneta. 2017. The Flynn effect in Europe - Effects of sex and region. Read more
2016 Weber, Daniela. 2016. Social engagement to prevent cognitive ageing?. Read more
2016 Loichinger, Elke, Weber, Daniela. 2016. Trends in Working Life Expectancy in Europe. Journal of Aging and Health. Read more
2016 Sanderson, Warren, Scherbov, Serguei, Weber, Daniela, Bordone, Valeria. 2016. Combined Measures of Upper and Lower Body Strength and Subgroup Differences in Subsequent Survival Among the Older Population of England. Read more
2016 Weber, Daniela. 2016. Differences in physical aging measured by walking speed: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Read more
2014 Weber, Daniela, Skirbekk, Vegard, Freund, Inga, Herlitz, Agneta. 2014. The changing face of cognitive gender differences in Europe. Read more
2014 Skirbekk, Vegard, Bordone, Valeria, Weber, Daniela. 2014. A cross-country comparison of math achievement at teen age and cognitive performance 40 years later. Read more
2013 Bordone, Valeria, Weber, Daniela. 2013. Number of children and cognitive abilities in later life. Read more
2012 Skirbekk, Vegard, Loichinger, Elke, Weber, Daniela. 2012. Variation in cognitive functioning as a refined approach to comparing aging across countries. Read more
2011 Weber, Daniela, Hatzinger, Reinhold. 2011. A novel approach for modelling paired comparisons data with non - ignorable missing values on students¿ attitudes towards foreigners. Read more

Other scientific publications

2009 Holweg, Christina, Lienbacher, Eva, Weber, Daniela, Schnedlitz, Peter. 2009. Social Supermarkets - A New Marketing Channel?. Read more