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Social Policy in WU Master Programs

Social Policy in the "Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy" Program
This program is taught in English. One of the concentration areas for specialization in semester 2 and 3 is "Globalisation and Social Policy".

Social Policy in the "Sozioökonomie" Master Program
This program is taught in German and offers the specialisation "Zielsetzungen und Einsatzfelder der Sozialpolitik". In addition, members of the Institute for Social Policy offer the following courses: „Interdisziplinäre sozioökonomisches Forschungspraktikum“,  „Ökonomie und Politik“ und „Angewandte Ökonomie“. 

Social Policy in the "Volkswirtschaft" Master Program
This program is currently taught in German, but will be taught in English from 2018. It offers a specialisation "Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik” focusing on the evaluation of economic and social policies.

For further specialication in social policy, Master students in these programs are welcome to write their Masetr Thesis at the Institute for Social Policy. Further details are available in German.