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Research Seminar Series

The "Re­search Sem­inar" Ser­ies held by the WU's Mar­ket­ing De­part­ment is a per­fect op­por­tun­ity to con­nect our Fac­ulty with top in­ter­na­tional schol­ars from the Mar­ket­ing field. In­flu­en­tial schol­ars from the world`s top uni­versit­ies will be in­vited to present their latest re­search and to dis­cuss the cur­rent trends and devel­op­ments in all ma­jor areas of mar­ket­ing re­search, in­clud­ing Con­sumer Be­ha­vior, Mar­ket­ing Mod­el­ing and Mar­ket­ing Strategy. In ad­di­tion to the net­work­ing possib­il­it­ies, this Re­search Sem­inar Ser­ies helps the WU fac­ulty and PhD stu­dents to keep track of the re­cent the­or­et­ical and meth­od­o­lo­gical devel­op­ments in the mar­ket­ing com­munity and to both seek and re­ceive early feed­back on their own mar­ket­ing re­search.

Cur­rent Agenda of the Sem­inar Ser­ies