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Research Talk by Zeynep Gürhan Canli, Koc University (TR)

Zeynep Gürhan Canli from Koc Uni­versity in Istan­bul held a talk on dif­fer­en­tial im­pacts of god and re­li­gion on proso­cial con­sumer in­ten­tions as part of our De­part­ment’s Re­search Sem­inar Ser­ies. The presen­ted re­search sug­gests that the two most pre­val­ent re­li­gious con­structs – God and re­li­gion – dif­fer­en­tially im­pact cog­ni­tion and dona­tion be­ha­vior. Spe­cific­ally, the stud­ies show that activ­at­ing thoughts about God (vs. re­li­gion) trig­gers a re­l­at­ively more ab­stract (vs. con­crete) think­ing. Con­sequently, con­sumers com­ply more with dona­tion re­quests that are ab­stractly (vs. con­cretely) framed or that in­volve higher (vs. lower) psy­cho­lo­gical dis­tance when thoughts of God (vs. Re­li­gion) are activ­ated. Over­all, this work sig­ni­fic­antly con­trib­utes to our un­der­stand­ing of the role of re­li­gion in con­sumer be­ha­vior by devel­op­ing a con­stru­al-­based model of the psy­cho­lo­gical im­pacts of re­li­gion and God and of­fers valu­able prac­tical im­plic­a­tions that in­form char­it­able giv­ing and non-­profit mar­ket­ing. We thank Zeynep for her visit, and the in­spir­ing talk and dis­cus­sions.

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