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Amna Kirmani (University of Maryland, US) on individuals' dishonest behavior toward an organization when it takes a stand on controversial social issues via its CSR

Amna Kirmani from the University of Maryland (US) presented her work on a novel way with which indivuals respond to an organizsation's polarizing CSR: dishonest behavior towards the organisation in our Research Seminar Series.

In the course of her presentation, Amna Kirmani elaborated on empirical findings, which suggest that the effect of CSR on dishonest behavior is moderated by the individual’s cause-related identity and mediated by anticipatory self-threat. When the CSR cause is congruent [incongruent] with the individual’s self-concept, CSR (vs. no-CSR) decreases [increases] dishonest behavior by increasing [decreasing] anticipatory self-threat (i.e., if I cheat the company, I will feel like I am a bad person). She also demonstrated an asymmetric effect such that the effect of incongruent (vs. congruent) CSR is bigger.