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About the Institute

"There are no such th­ings as ser­vice in­dus­tries. There are only in­dus­tries whose ser­vice com­pon­ents are greater or less than those of other in­dus­tries. Every­body is in ser­vice." (Theodore Levitt)

The Ser­vice Mar­ket­ing Chal­lenge

Ser­vice is go­ing through a re­volu­tion and ac­counts for a grow­ing and rap­idly chan­ging part of busi­nesses in developed econom­ies. Philip Kotler, the father of mod­ern mar­ket­ing, once said: “Every busi­ness is a ser­vice busi­ness”. From a mar­ket­ing per­spect­ive, phys­ical products are only the tan­gible ve­hicles to provide ser­vice, and as such gen­er­ate value to the cus­tomer.

Ser­vice is be­ing trans­formed by ad­vances in in­form­a­tion tech­no­logy, which makes ser­vice mar­ket­ing an ex­tremely ex­cit­ing and chal­len­ging field of study. New data­bases ac­cru­ing from in­ter­act­ive on­line me­dia, so­cial net­works and user gen­er­ated con­tent af­fect con­sumers’ in­form­a­tion ac­quis­i­tion, de­cision mak­ing, as well their in­ter­ac­tion with or­gan­iz­a­tions.

These devel­op­ments of­fer our team mem­bers tre­mend­ous op­por­tun­it­ies to make im­port­ant con­tri­bu­tions and to cre­ate and dis­sem­in­ate new know­ledge in the do­main of ser­vice mar­ket­ing and man­age­ment. Be­cause of their im­port­ant role in the Aus­trian economy, we aim to put spe­cial em­phasis on tour­istic ser­vices.

Mis­sion State­ment

We have a strong em­pir­ical re­search tra­di­tion and typ­ic­ally em­ploy ad­vanced man­age­ment and mar­ket­ing science meth­ods to provide de­cision sup­port for is­sues of ma­na­gerial rel­ev­ance. To serve the needs of our in­dustry part­ners and in­ter­ested policy makers, we try to main­tain a bal­ance of basic and ap­plied re­search. With a lack of basic re­search so­ci­ety would run out of rad­ic­ally new ideas in the long run. Without ap­plied re­search there is no know­ledge trans­fer. 

As ma­na­gerial prob­lems do not ar­rive in nice 'in­tra­dis­cip­lin­ary' pack­ages, much of our re­search re­quires col­lab­or­a­tion across dis­cip­lin­ary bor­ders. In terms of dis­sem­in­a­tion of our find­ings, our team mem­bers aim to pub­lish their re­search in highly re­spec­ted in­ter­na­tional mar­ket­ing journ­als.

Our stu­dents are typ­ic­ally seek­ing re­search-driven course con­tent and wish to ac­quire hard skills in mar­ket­ing re­search, busi­ness ana­lyt­ics, and de­cision mak­ing. They are trained to em­ploy these skills for crit­ic­ally re­flect­ing and ana­lyz­ing prac­tical mar­ket­ing-re­lated prob­lems. The com­bin­a­tion with a rich set of prac­tic­al-ori­ented and ex­per­i­ental teach­ing formats war­rants that they also ac­quire qual­i­fic­a­tions to trans­late their skills into op­er­a­tional mar­ket­ing pro­grams.

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