Teaching Slavic Languages

Annotated course catalog

For the status of all courses in the current semester, please see the annotated online course catalog under "Slawische Sprachen".

Degree programs

Bachelor's program in Foreign Language Business Communication Russian/Czech

I. Business, Economics and Social Sciences

Phase 1 (identical for all majors):

A refresher course in Russian/Czech is available if necessary.

Phase 2 (according to major)

2.1. Business Administration major [1 foreign business language required] and International Business Administration [2 foreign business languages required] :

II. Business Law

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Bachelor’s Theses

Institute for Slavic Languages accepts Bachelor's theses. For more information (in German), please see here.

Diploma Programs

For the complete curricula of the expiring degree/diploma programs, please see here (in German)

"Survival Language" courses are available in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Polish and Hungarian. These courses can be taken as electives in the International Business Administration, Business Administration and Business Education majors and are intended solely for students with NO previous knowledge of the language taught.

Competence Area CEE Management

The Competence Area CEE Management is available to students in the International Business Administration major. It is held in cooperation with the Institute for International Business (Prof. Springer) and the Institute for Slavic languages (Prof. Rathmayr).For more details on the Competence Area CEE Management, please see here (in German).

International Business Administration/Chinese available since 2006: 国际企业管理学 汉语

(WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien in coop. with the University of Vienna/Department of Chinese Studies)

This individual Bachelor's degree program is a combination of the majors International Business Administration (WU) and Sinology (University of Vienna). The program provides students with a solid business education together with intensive training in the Chinese language.

For further information, please contact Frau Liza Gereb


An overview of the curriculum for the individual degree program in International Business Administration and Chinese is available here (in German).