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Our Team

Univ. Prof. Dr. Nadine Thielemann, M.A.

Anna Golovko M.A.

Edgar Hoffmann

  • Room D2.3.202, tel.: 31336 ext. 4124, email

  • Deputy Head of Institute

  • Contact person for business communication, intercultural competence, academic writing and CEE-related bachelor’s theses

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Charlotte Khan

  • Room D2.3.188, tel.: 31336 ext. 4126, email

  • Contact person for bridging courses, credit transfer, exchange semesters at partner universities, language courses

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Katharina Klingseis

  • Room D2.3.190, tel.: 31336 ext. 4115, email

  • Contact person for Language teaching, research organization and reporting, co-organization of the linguistics circle, bachelor theses

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Tatjana Stadler

Room D2.3.196, tel.: 31336 ext. 5548, email

Contact person for Russian language teaching, learn@wu, new teaching material

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em. Professor Renate Rathmayr

  • Room D2.1.212, tel.: 31336 ext. 4113, email

  • Contact person for business communication, intercultural communication, negotiating and presenting, PhD theses on CEE-related topics

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Magdalena Berecki-Pernkopf

  • Room D2.1.168, tel.: 31336 ext. 5340, email

  • Contact person for teaching and coordinating the program in Intercultural Competence

Elisabeth Rubak