Cooperation in Research

Today, research is only possible within a research landscape based on international networks. This means that cooperation has become an essential factor for successful research. Investigators need to work with other researchers, universities, research institutions, business enterprises, advocacy groups, etc., both in national and international contexts. For this reason, WU is involved in many activities that include cooperation with different partners, for instance in the following contexts:

  • WU researchers act as project partners in research projects that are mostly funded by (international) sponsors and funding agencies

  • WU researchers are co-authors of numerous articles published in international journals

  • Cooperation involving WU’s research institutes and support of the research institutes

  • Cooperation with WU’s partner universities

WU also participates in many programs, initiatives, and partnerships in the fields of research and knowledge transfer:

  • Cooperation with Statistics Austria (supplying data for joint projects)

  • Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA)

  • Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria

  • FIW research center on international economics

  • Wissenstransferzentrum Ost

WU is working to support its faculty in building up international networks in different ways, particularly by offering in-house mobility grant programs