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Research at WU

Re­search is a key part of our aca­demic iden­tity and a pre­requis­ite for re­search-­based teach­ing. In their work, WU’s re­search­ers fo­cus not only on busi­ness and eco­nom­ics, law, and so­cioeco­nom­ics, but also on the so­cially, eco­lo­gic­ally, and cul­tur­ally rel­ev­ant ques­tions we as a so­ci­ety are faced with today. WU's top re­search per­form­ance is re­cog­nized by the in­ter­na­tional scien­ti­fic com­munity, and much of the work con­duc­ted at WU is of con­sid­er­able prac­tical rel­ev­ance, based on the needs of vari­ous stake­holder groups and on cur­rent so­cial and eco­nomic devel­op­ments. Most re­search at WU is con­duc­ted at the level of the in­di­vidual de­part­ments and in­sti­tutes.  At the Re­search In­sti­tute level, fo­cused, in­ter­dis­cip­lin­ary re­search links dif­fer­ent aca­demic units. Com­pet­ence Cen­ters act as co­ordin­a­tion and com­mu­nic­a­tion hubs.

Researcher of the Month

Video Stefan Giljum

Stefan Giljum

Researcher of the Month