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  • Current Dissertations:


Georg Ecker: "Three essays on the effects of competition and regulatory intervention on market outcomes in the telecommunication industries"

Timotheus Glaser: "Three essays on the regulation of the German electricity market"

Tobias Kaloud: "Regulation of Energy Network Operators"

Celia Dorothee Leverkus: "Benchmarking and Cost Efficiency Analysis for Utiilities - An Emprical Investigation of the Cost Structure of Energy Distributors"

Johannes Pöschl: "Let there be light! Innovation from creation to diffusion"

Birgit Schabl-Drobir: "Economic Assessment of the Biggest Spectrum Auction in Germany"

  • Finished Dissertations:


Andreas Eder: "Three essays on the efficiency, productivity and horizontal integration of the Austrian biogas sector"


Adhurim Haxhimusa: "Regulation of Network Industries"


Mario Liebensteiner: "Essays on the Applied Micro-Econometric Analysis of Panel Data"


Dénes Kucsera: "Four Essays on Current Investment Problems in the Electricity Industry"

Stephan Schmitt: "Four Essays on the Impact of Regulatory Reforms on Investment and Efficiency in the Electricity Sector"


Christoph Bremberger: "Four Essays on Regulation of Energy Markets"

Francisca Bremberger: "Four Essays on Regulation in Network-Based Industries"


Anton Burger: "Strategic behavior and incentives in electricity and quality regulation"

Philipp v. Geymüller: "Efficiency Measurement in liberalised Electricity Markets: Using DEA to evaluate regulatory action"


Margarethe Rammerstorfer: "Investment in regulated markets"