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Banks, Post Offices, and Telephone Service


There are several banks in Austria and every bank offers special student deals. Before opening a bank account, you should compare the various offers, as they may differ considerably in terms and fees that the bank will charge you.

When deciding on a bank, you might want to consider the following:

  • Interest rates, bank charges and special benefits

  • Negotiate reasonable overdraft limits to avoid expensive interest rates

  • Consider the age limit: The maximum age for most student accounts is between 27 and 30; after reaching that age the account is often converted into a regular bank account with higher fees

  • Some banks require you to send confirmation of your student status each semester

This tool might help you find the bank and account that is best suited to your needs: www.bankenrechner.at (only available in German)

Post Offices

Post offices for sending or picking up letters or packages are located throughout Vienna. The Austrian Post also offers a range of banking services, incl. making bank transfers. When mailing packages it’s a good idea to compare prices with private shipping companies like DHL or UPS.

Telephone Services

Austria has numerous cell phone providers offering a wide variety of different contract-based or prepaid plans. Costs vary widely depending on the plan you select, so it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you really need before choosing a provider or plan. The Chamber of Labor offers a rate simulator that can be helpful when looking for the best plan for your needs.

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