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International Students

Thank you for choos­ing to study at WU! We hope you will have a re­ward­ing and ex­cit­ing time in Vi­enna. This Guide is here to help you get off to a good start here at WU and in Vi­enna. If you have any ques­tions about WU or or­gan­iz­ing your stud­ies, please feel free to con­tact the re­spect­ive ser­vice units or send us an email to stud­i­en­in­ (Bach­elor) or mas­ter­in­ (Mas­ter). If you have ques­tions about your courses or the syl­labi of your bach­elor’s or mas­ter’s pro­gram, please con­tact the re­spect­ive in­sti­tute or de­part­ment (bach­elor’s/mas­ter’s) or your pro­gram co­ordin­ator (mas­ter’s pro­grams).

Gen­eral In­form­a­tion / Liv­ing in Vi­enna

In this se­cion you will learn more about:

  • Pub­lic tans­port­a­tion

  • Banks, post of­fices, tele­phone ser­vices

  • Health care

  • Liv­ing ex­penses

  • Re­cre­ational activ­it­ies in Vi­enna

  • In­ter­na­tional em­bassies and con­su­lates in Vi­enna

Pre­par­ing for your Stay in Vi­enna

In this sec­tion you will learn more about:

  • Visas and res­id­ence per­mits

  • Work­ing in Vi­enna

  • Liv­ing in Vi­enna

  • Get­ting to Vi­enna

About WU, Ori­ent­a­tion, and Im­port­ant Con­tacts

In this sec­tion you will learn more about:

  • Facts and Fig­ures

  • Ori­ent­a­tion and dir­ec­tions

  • Ser­vice units and pro­gram co­ordin­at­ors

  • In­fra­struc­ture and leis­ure time

Ser­vices for In­ter­na­tional Stu­dents

In this sec­tion you will learn more about:

  • Ger­man classes

  • Tan­dem Learn­ing

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General Information/Living in Vienna