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Master's Program Economics

Curriculum Science Track

During the first year, students mostly take mandatory courses providing them with the mathematical and statistical foundations necessary for pursuing research at an academic level. The courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics are equivalent to first year Ph.D. courses. Students applying for the Economics Ph.D. program at WU get full credit for those courses in the doctoral program.

In the second year, students choose their preferred areas of specialisation and write a Master's Thesis. For each area of specialisation there is a Research & Policy Seminar. Students work in small groups to develop their own research projects, closely interacting with instructors.

Foundations of Economics (12 ECTS, first half of first semester)

Mandatory Courses (53 ECTS)

Elective Courses (28 ECTS)

Master's Thesis (20 ECTS) and Master's Students Conference (3 ECTS)

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Areas of Specialization