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Information Systems

Application & Admission

To enroll in the Master Program in Information Systems, candidates must have completed a bachelor or equivalent first-degree program in a relevant subject at a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad. We are looking for ambitous international and national students with outstanding qualifications and excellent social skills.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for the MSc in Information Systems you have to fulfill the minimum requirements for application and to proof your aptitude for the program. In case one or more of the required proofs are missing, your application has to be rejected.

Formal Requirements


Specific Skills



ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS (third-country nationals)We strongly advise third-country nationals to use the 1st priority deadline which ends at the beginning of October. Austrian visa procedures are complex and demanding. The visa process should be started as early as possible. Please note that WU cannot assist students in visa procedures.

Procedure for application and enrolment

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