Fünf Studierende sitzen im Halbkreis in der Wiese vor dem D2

Academic Program

Program Dates 2024

July session:
July 1 - July 19, 2024

August session:
July 22 - August 9, 2024

Academic Program

  • The two ISUWU sessions (July and August) offer courses both on undergraduate and graduate level.

  • The academic program consists of two courses which are taught consecutively over the duration of three weeks. Students are required to complete both courses. Completion is worth 8 ECTS credits.

  • In the July session, students can choose from different sets of courses. In the August session, only one set of courses is available.

Please note: course outlines will be updated on a regular basis. All information is subject to change.

Academic Program - July Session

Academic Program - August Session


Impressions of former participants

Maria Florencia Scarpino
Maria Florencia Scarpino
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina
ISUWU 2023 (graduate program)

"The lecturers were amazing people, I enjoyed every single class. Both courses were highly interesting and very useful for my daily work life. I am absolutely sure that I will continue using my learnings of these 3 weeks for a very long time."

Joey Stankevicius
Joey Stankevicius
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
ISUWU 2023 (undergraduate program)

"The academic program and its lecturers demonstrated a meticulous and thoughtful approach to the course content, emphasizing current and future issues. By delving into the realities of our world and exploring ways to contribute positively to society, the program instilled in us a sense of inspiration to become more conscientious and rational business individuals. The three-week program left a profound impression on me, as it proved to be incredibly comprehensive, surpassing my initial expectations as a student."

Andrea Matarazzo
Andrea Matarazzo
LUISS Business School, Italy
ISUWU 2022 (graduate program)

"The ISU WU helped me to improve my English skills and have a deep practical dive into crucial topics that I will need to use in my job. The program was a perfect mix of theory and practical projects."